Mojo Rib Returns After A Two Year Hiatus


June 9, 2008

Well folks, after a two-year hiatus, I’m happy to say that the mighty Mojo Rib is back, and looking to get out and kick some live ass again in Fall ’08. There’s been some exciting stuff going on, including the shooting of our first video!

We Have a New Guitarist! Please welcome Stephen Fahlsing to the fold, who will be joining Joey as the other half of Mojo Rib’s deadly twin-guitar attack. Stephen is late of two very fine bands, Virgil and Invisibleland, and is as hardcore a rocker as it gets. Look for a full interview with Mr. Fahlsing in the next newsletter. In the meantime, you can check out his first performance with the Rib in our new music video, which brings me to…

Our New Music Video! The vid is for “Lucky In The Order,” the first single off our sophomore release, In For Sin. Those of you who haven’t seen it should click immediately on the link below to experience the Mojo Rib Video Channel on YouTube:

If you dig the video, please pass the link on so that peeps will start buying our music! And speaking of CDs…

New Album in 2009. Joey and Jay are working up tunes for a new album in ’09 – more info as things develop, though a track that didn’t make it on to In For Sin, “Your Sweet Attention”, is definitely going to be on there. And while you’re waiting for the new stuff…

Mojo Rib - In For Sin

Mojo Rib Music Is On iTUNES! You can purchase both of our albums, In For Sin, and Mojo Rib, on iTUNES this very minute. That’s right all you impulse shoppers, click below now and commence rocking!

iTunes: In For Sin – Mojo Rib

If you’re Old Skool like me and enjoy the tactile sensation of an actual CD in your hand, fret not! You can easily get both CDs from either CD Baby and Amazon, just hit the links below:

CD Baby: In For SinMojo Rib
Amazon: In For SinMojo Rib

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