MonteCarlo unveil video for new single “Poison In Your Head” from upcoming EP ‘Synthetic World’

MonteCarlo unveil video for new single “Poison In Your Head” from upcoming EP ‘Synthetic World’

MonteCarlo consisting of lead vocalist Albert Lepore, guitarists Dan Parsels and Ahmed Smith, bassist Joe Mal and drummer Damian MonteCarlo (ex-Mach22) have unveiled a video for their new single “Poison In Your Head” from their upcoming EP Synthetic World, which will be released on August 11, 2023.

Track List for Synthetic World EP:
01. Synthetic World
02. Feed The Machine
03. Poison In Your Head
04. Drink Me Heavy
05. Dig Up Her Bones
06. Blood Red Rose

Bay Ragni‘s press release indicates in part (with slight edits):

MonteCarlo, the explosive hard rock band from Philadelphia that is set to make a resounding impact on the music scene. With their unwavering dedication, impressive track record, explosive energy, and raw passion for music, MonteCarlo has been making waves in the local rock scene and beyond.

MonteCarlo, the hard rock band from Philly, is making waves in the music industry. Just like it’s namesake the legendary muscle car, their sound is captivating and powerful, leaving a lasting impression!

Emerging from the ashes of bands such as Mach22, Phoenix Mourning, Cyanide Saints, and Juliet’s Vice, MonteCarlo boasts an all-star lineup that created a significant impact with their debut release in 2022.

Now in 2023, they return with even more explosive music, ready to conquer not just the Philadelphia music scene, but the entire world!!

MonteCarlo officially consists of Albert Lepore (vocals), Dan Parsels (guitar, vocals), Ahmed Smith (guitar, vocals) Damian MonteCarlo (drums, vocals), and Joe Mal (bass). Collectively, the musicians have performed on numerous notable bills and have an impressive amount of experience under their belts.

This includes Damian MonteCarlo‘s success with Mach22 — opening for bands such as Guns N’ Roses, Bon Jovi and making repeat appearances at the wildly popular Rocklahoma festival. Pairing this with guitarist Ahmed Smith‘s label experience under Metal Blade Records with his band Phoenix Mourning and the years of combined wisdom in the music industry among the other members, MonteCarlo has set themselves up for success.

MonteCarlo‘s distinctive sound can be described as a fusion of Velvet Revolver‘s electrifying energy with the haunting melodies reminiscent of Alice in Chains. The band currently has a plethora of material for fans to immerse themselves in on deck- including live shows, music videos, a full-length album and an additional EP, “Synthetic World”, due out August 11th, 2023.”

MonteCarlo‘s “Poison In Your Head” video: