Motley Crue Announce ‘The Final Tour’ With Alice Cooper As Support

Motley Crue Announce ‘The Final Tour’ With Alice Cooper As Support

January 28, 2014

Motley Crue Announce 'The Final Tour' With Alice Cooper As SupportAfter more than three decades together, iconic rock ‘n roll band Motley Crue announced today their ‘Final Tour’ and the band’s ultimate retirement. The announcement was solidified when the band signed a formal ‘Cessation Of Touring’ agreement, that prevents any future and unauthorized touring, effective at the end of 2015 in front of global media in Los Angeles today.

Celebrating the announcement of this Final Tour, the band will perform on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight and will appear on CBS This Morning tomorrow morning.

Fans can look forward to special guest Alice Cooper joining Motley Crue for an incredible package — Alice invented the genre and Motley Crue put steroids in it!

“Real hard rock bands are hard to find these days,” said Alice, continuing,”Motley has always gone on stage with one attitude and that’s to blow the audience away. That’s exactly how we do it. Putting Motley Crue and Alice Cooper together is going to be just what this summer really NEEDS. We’re going to go out there and tear it up, and I can’t wait to see Motley on stage. Motley Crue and Alice Cooper — A match made in… Armageddon?”

“We started talking about it a few years ago,” said vocalist Vince Neil. “We don’t want to be one of those bands that maybe have one guy left in it, or somebody’s brother, or something like that. We want to go out with the four founding members of Motley Crue and go out on top and leave a legacy of a band called Motley Crue.”

With over 80 million albums sold, Motley Crue has sold out countless tours across the globe and spawned more than 2,500 Motley Crue branded items sold in over 30 countries. Motley Crue has proven they know how to make a lasting impression and this tour will be no different; Fans can expect to hear the catalogue of their chart-topping hits and look forward to mind-blowing, unparalleled live production.

“When it comes to putting together a new show we always push the envelope and that’s part of Motley Crue’s legacy,” explains bassist Nikki Sixx. “As far as letting on to what we’re doing, that would be like finding out what you’re getting for Christmas before you open the presents. We think in an age of too much information, we’d like to keep some surprises close to our chest until we launch the Final Tour.”

The Final Tour, presented by Dodge and produced by Live Nation, will kick off in North America on July 2nd in Grand Rapids, Michigan and reach 72 markets before hitting international territories in 2015. To Live Nation Motley Crue tours are not only box office successes but artistically their shows have set the bar for production and entertainment value.

“There’s no arguing that Motley Crue have been and always will be the definitive bad boys of rock and roll,” says Rick Franks, Live Nation’s Regional President of North America Concerts. “But behind all those notorious stories is a legendary rock band that has revolutionized heavy metal and created some of the biggest hits in music history. They are a hugely successful global brand and a touring powerhouse. Everyone at Live Nation has a tremendous amount of respect for these hard working and extremely talented gentlemen. The music industry will never have another Motley Crue.”

“We’re really proud of our band,” continued Sixx. “We started this band, no one believed in us — no record company would sign us. None of us graduated high-school but we figured out how to form a record company. We then figured out how to distribute that record and none of the record comapnies believed in us in Los Angeles and we sold 40,000 copies of that first record, Too Fast For Love, and that launched our career. Since then we have always been very proactive about everything we do including the end of career. Like Vince said, we started talking about ‘how do we want to go out?’ We don’t want to hobble off into the sunset. Tommy said it best recently we he said ‘a farewell tour is when a band does a farewell tour and then gets back together and does another farewell tour and then breaks up and gets back together until there is no milk left in the titty and its a rip-off to the fans. So we decided to call this a final tour and sign a contract telling you that this is real. Because we want to be proud of Motley Crue and we want our fans to be proud of Motley Crue for decades to come.”

“Its because we are on top,” said Sixx when asked why the band would say farewell at this time. “Its because we are holding it together and playing better and sounding better. We want to leave a legacy, we want to have some dignity — we want to call it a day and be proud. Its pretty embarassing whats happening in the state of music with bands out there. I don’t want to name names, but there are so many bands out there that are ripping you off — and we’re not going to do that.”

As documented in the ‘Cessation Of Touring’ agreement the band signed at the press conference today, the band will not tour after this Final Tour. Band attorney Doug Mark, of Mark Music & Media Law, explains, “Other bands have split up over rancor or the inability of people to get along, but this is a mutual among all four original members and peaceful decision to move on to other endeavors and to confirm it with a binding agreement.”

Vince Neil, Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, and Mick Mars will go their separate ways after the lengthy 2-year touring cycle. Drummer Tommy Lee explains, “Everything must come to an end!! We always had a vision of going out with a big fucking bang and not playing county fairs and clubs with 1 or 2 original band members! Our job here is done!!!”

Of the band’s tumultuous history, guitarist Mick Mars adds, “(It has been) more drama than ‘General Hospital’ it keeps ’em watchin’ and they keep comin’ back.” Vocalist, Vince Neil says of the finality of the tour, “I’ll miss playing with the guys but I won’t quit playing rock and roll!! I feel there are a lot of great opportunities and exciting projects after Motley.”

The Final Tour will coincide with the film made from Motley Crue’s NY Times Best-Selling book The Dirt. Jeff Tremaine (Bad Grandpa) has signed on to direct the opus that is set to debut in theaters globally in 2015, coinciding with The Final Tour. The Dirt is not only one of the best selling rock books of all time but also one of the greatest rock books of all time because of its brutal honesty, its unique voice, its multiple perspectives on the same events and its first-person inclusion of all members of the same band. Most rock memoirs are salacious mud-slinging accounts of a single person and Motley Crue was adamant to include the perspectives of all four of its members. Tremaine’s intention is to make, not just a great movie about a band, but a great movie about four misfits who, despite themselves and everyone else, band together to overcome the odds and change the history of Rock & Roll.

“The Dirt’ is a movie I’ve wanted to make ever since I read the book in 2002,” says Tremaine. “I relate to the story on so many levels; my whole professional career has been about boys behaving badly, so I have a real connection to the material. It’s awesome to be working with the band at such an exciting time in Motley Crue’s history.” The film will be produced by the members of Motley Crue, Rick Yorn, Julie Yorn, Erik Olsen and 10th Street Entertainment.

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