Motley Crue Asked To Stop The Moral Degradation Of The Community


April 26, 2008

In a recent letter to Canada’s The Observer, a writer states that the community should “not be exposed to such trash as Motley Crue.”

Sir: I am responding to the article in the April 18 issue of The Observer regarding a Bayfest event this summer.

The city and residents of the community of Sarnia-Lambton should not be exposed to such trash as Motley Crue. The degradation and the immorality of the community with the promotion of such an event is astronomical. Our community is worth more than this.

This letter is to mobilize people and groups of people to rise and address this issue and to challenge them publicly to have it stopped.

To the evangelical community to take a stand on the immoral issue of this event.

To the council of the City of Sarnia and the mayor based on proper use of the Sarnia Bay area and on behalf of the ratepayers to cancel this event.

To the service clubs of the area who have taken an ethical vow in their organization to take a non-financial position against the event.

To the government services that promote non-abuse of persons and lifestyles in the community, to speak out against the event.

To the protection agencies that combat drug lords, sex abuse, beatings, murders etc. There is no dollar value to a life facing drug abuse, AIDS or a wife, daughter or granddaughter being abused. To the religious community to take a stand regarding the moral issue with this event.

This is a morality issue. The answer to the above challenge will be yours as a group or individual to carry on for eternity.

Eternity never ends. What are you going to do?

Gord Park

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