Motley Crue Create Awkward Moment On The Record


June 24, 2008

FNC anchor Greta Van Susteren interviewed the original members of Motley Crue last night, just hours before their first CD release in 10 years.

The Crue were in good spirits, which led to some highlights (or, rather, highlights).

While Nikki Sixx answered a question, bandmate Tommy Lee mouthed, “That’s a really stupid question.”

Then, at end of the interview, Lee asked, “Greta, what color panties are you wearing?” to groans from the other members of the band.

Van Susteren ended the interview after the question from Lee, and it was edited out of future re-broadcasts and the video.

Van Susteren tells TVNewser, “I confess to not having given it much thought, but, upon reflection today after several inquiries including yours, there is now one thing: I never thought I would feel sorry for Pamela Anderson.”

Dozens of viewers took to Van Susteren’s blog, Gretawire, to give their take on the “disgusting” comment. “It’s clear that Tommy Lee’s remaining brain cells must be on life-support,” one commenter writes, while another adds, “You handled it well.”

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