Motley Crue In Talks To Do Month-Long Residency In Las Vegas

Motley Crue In Talks To Do Month-Long Residency In Las Vegas

November 30, 2011

Motley Crue are set to become the first heavy rock group to land a residency in Las Vegas, according to reports from Sin City.

The band is in talks to perform a month-long series of concerts at the Hard Rock Hotel beginning in February, according to the Las Vegas Sun newspaper. The group members are expected to make the “big announcement” during an appearance on CNN talk show Piers Morgan Tonight later this week.

The Las Vegas Sun reports that we can expect the four bad boys of rock to play a nearly monthlong series of three and four nightly concerts a week at the Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel starting in February. If the secret contract is successful, the group would return in similar bursts later in 2012. The group also is expected to disclose the latest news on their much-anticipated movie based on their book ‘The Dirt’, which is celebrating its 10th publication anniversary.

Frontman and Las Vegas resident Vince Neil leads drummer Tommy Lee and guitarists Mick Mars and Nikki Sixx as they head off to Britain for a short tour after the broadcast. This summer’s 48-city tour was one of the group’s most successful in its 30-year history, drawing 500,000 fans and hitting the Billboard Hot Tours bestseller charts six times.

So far, even at this late hour, nobody in the group or at Planet Hollywood will divulge any details — although there is talk of a conference call today — but Nikki Sixx says there are clues to be found in the word “most” and a famous 1983 New York Post headline ‘Headless Body in Topless Bar’ now emblazoned on T-shirts the group is wearing, although it’s not clear if CNN will permit those on air tomorrow.

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