Motley Crue Unloads On Sarnia Councillor


May 28, 2008

Motley Crue has a message for Sarnia councillor Dave Boushy and his objection to their upcoming performance at Sarnia Bayfest.

Speaking via conference call Wednesday, rock’s bad boys jumped at the opportunity to comment on Boushy’s claim their off-stage antics are pornographic.

“He’s right,” said base player Nikki Sixx.

“People like him are always out to attack rock and roll, you know. God bless them, man.

They keep our name in the press and re-ignite our passion to hold up our middle finger to all those people who really don’t understand.

“If that’s how these people have to get a little press, then that’s their problem,” said Sixx, who then used a common expletive to describe the councillor.

Last month, the 78-year-old Boushy sparked a furor after he suggested that the band’s sexual exploits and shocking behavior could damage Sarnia’s image.

He called for a motion that the city have a say in which acts perform at the annual summer festival.

Boushy could not be reached for comment about the band’s remarks.

Wednesday’s exclusive print media teleconference — which included more 30 newspapers and magazines from across North America — got animated when The Observer asked Sixx and lead guitarist Mick Mars about Boushy’s comments.

Sixx said that rock and roll bands have become, “the ugly stepchild of music.” But they’re not giving in to the stereotype.

“It’s all about guitars, sexy lead singers and snotty rock and roll lyrics,” he said. “And we’re gonna keep putting it out to tens of thousands of people.”

Sarnia’s July 10 show is a unique stop on the band’s “Cruefest” tour, which kicks off July 1 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

The band will fly in solo, without the supporting Cruefest acts like Buckcherry and Papa Roach, who will join them on the North American tour.

But they’re going to put on a dynamite show, Mars promised.

“It’ll just be a kick-you-in-the-head kind of show. And next time, we’ll bring the whole tour through Sarnia.”

The band, which includes drummer Tommy Lee and lead singer Vince Neil, are releasing their new album, “Saints of Los Angeles,” on June 17.

Mars said the show will include four or five tracks from the new album, along with classic favourites.

“The first thing you want to do is go out and play all the new music, but the audience doesn’t know it yet,” he said. “They want to hear the old stuff — the ‘Live Wire’ and the “Home sweet Home.'”

The band starts rehearsals tomorrow.

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