Motorhead Release 132 Page Magazine With New Album

Motorhead Release 132 Page Magazine With New Album

November 28, 2010

>Steve Lee Tribute 'One Life, One Soul' Now AvailableTim Cashmere of reports: Motorhead are going all out with the release of their upcoming studio album ‘The World Is Yours’ with a 132 page full colour magazine as part of the deal.

The mag, entitled ‘Motorhead’, features interviews, photos and perhaps most importantly, the full album ‘The World Is Yours’. It will be available in British newstands from January 17. It is unclear whether the mag will see a global release date.

The album was recorded earlier this year in Los Angeles and Wales. It’s lead single is ‘Born To Lose’ and shows that 30 years in, Motorhead are sounding as awesome as ever.

The full track listing for ‘The World Is Yours’ is:
Born To Lose
I Know How To Die
Get Back In Line
Devil’s In My Head
Rock ‘n’ Roll Music
Waiting For The Snake
Brotherhood of Man
I Know What You Need
Bye Bye Bitch Bye Bye

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