Motorhead’s Lemmy To Rate Your ‘Guitar Hero III’ Clips


March 27, 2008

So who do you have to impress with your axemanship?

None other than Lemmy, godfather of modern metal and a true rock legend. In Motorhead’s 30+ year career he’s seen more ace guitar slingers throw more shapes than anyone. Have you got what it takes to get the vote from the man himself?

Is playing the air guitar really a form of art? In contrast to singing playback, playing air guitar solos is after all only about posing… sometimes very emotionally, sometimes full of temperament, always with the imaginary instrument in your (real) hands. Each actor on the imaginary stage wants to be the best – and not only during the annual air guitar world championships in Finland. Since the creation of the video game Guitar Hero the time for excuses is over! Your talent of playing the air guitar can now be measured.

The game producer Activision has launched the ultimate Metal-Mane-Contest: forget your guitar controller – just grab a water bottle, a tennis racket, a broom stick, or simply use the air in front of you! Then rock as hard as you can in front of a camera. Afterwards you can upload your videos here where Motorhead legend Lemmy will rate them. Not only is it possible that you will be chosen to be one of the protagonists who feature in three video montages – the best air guitarist will also be invited to fly to the Neversoft Studios in California where he or she will be scanned three-dimensionally and become immortal on the virtual stage as the new god of rock Guitar Hero IV. Participation in this playful and most of all very cleverly constructed campaign which promises to be a lot of fun is definitely worth it. Keep on Rockin’!

Let out the rock star in you – here.

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