Mr. Big Vocalist Talks About Reunion And Rocklahoma Deceit


May 13, 2009

The Classic Metal Show, heard Saturdays from 9p-3a EST at, recently conducted an interview with Mr. Big vocalist Eric Martin. During the course of the interview, Eric talked about how the band reformed and how the organizers of Rocklahoma tried to trick the band into reuniting. Here is an excerpt of the interview:

When asked about whether he saw the reunion coming Eric stated, “I never said never, but when I got the jist of the other guys saying that they wouldn’t be interested in doing it, especially Paul (Gilbert), he didn’t want to take a step backwards, but ironically he did go back to Racer X. I had high hopes you know. I definitely missed being on stage with great musicians and missed the music and the creativity of it, writing music and that stuff. I missed it, maybe somebody heard my dreams. I never said never and I never wanted it to, in the beginning, I never wanted it to end. That sounds like a song. I never wanted it to end, but when it did, at the time I said, “oh man, I think it’s over”. It’s over, the fat lady has sung her last note.

“Somebody emailed me about Rocklahoma and said they were interested in having the original line-up of Mr. Big. When they asked me they said, “Yeah we got Billy (Sheehan), we got Paul, we got Pat (Torpey), they’re all on board. Are you interested?” I said, “Hell yeah, if they are of course I am”. And then unbeknownst to me this guy had contacted each of the guys and said the same thing to them too. Kinda like it was supposed to be some sort of weird rock ‘n’ roll blind date. I was thinking, I don’t know if this is right. So I emailed Billy and said, “Hey do you want to check this out, have you been getting reports about this Rocklahoma?” He wrote me back and said, “yeah we talked about it”. It was just a bad move on this promoters part trying to put Mr. Big back together that way.”

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Below is a video of Mr. Big’s newest song “Next Time Around”, included on their upcoming greatest hits disc.

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