Murderer’s Row’s self-titled album feat. Bob Kulick re-issued w/ bonus disc of unreleased tracks

Murderer’s Row’s self-titled album feat. Bob Kulick re-issued w/ bonus disc of unreleased tracks

Murderer’s Row‘s self-titled album featuring guitarist Bob Kulick and ex-Giuffria singer David Glen Eisley, which was released back in 1996, has been re-issued with a second disc of unreleased bonus tracks of rough mixes for the entire album.

Speaking to The Metal Voice in a video interview (see below), Kulick advised (as transcribed by The Metal Voice with slight edits):”It is a re-issue but most fans would have never heard the vast majority of what is on this re-issue album. For the following reasons, for one it was released a long time ago in 1996 and second because it was never officially released in a few territories and last because it includes a second disk of demo remixes no one has ever heard before. People will find this album to be a lost nugget of gold.  You will recognize the people involved like Jimmy Waldo (Alcatrazz), David Glen Eisley (Ex- Giuffria), bassist Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot), drummer Drummer Jay Schellenbaum (Asia). Most people will have not heard this so it will appear to be something brand new and we will also be releasing a brand new music video for the album for the song India to support the album.”

Track List for Murderer’s Row’s re-issued self-titled album:

Disc One – Original Album: 
01. Blood On Fire
02. Suicide Saloon
03. India
04. Red Rain Fallin’
05. Skeletons In The Closet
06. Main In The Black Hat
07. Raven’s Eye
08. Bad Side Of Love
09. Hangman’s Moon
10. Overdrive

Disc Two – Rough Mixes:
01. Bad Side of Love
02. Blood On Fire
03. Raven’s Eye
04. India
05. Overdrive
06. Hangman’s Moon
07. Suicide Saloon
08. Skeletons In The Closet
09. Man In The Black Hat
10. Red Rain Fallin’

The press release for Murderer’s Row‘s re-issued self-titled album states (with slight edits):

“Few rock musicians have a history as varied and impressive as influential lead guitarist Bob Kulick. In the 1970s, Bob worked with KISS on “Alive II”, followed by “Unmasked” and “Killers”, as well as Paul Stanley’s 1978 solo LP. Bob’s younger brother, Bruce Kulick, would go on to join KISS for a number of years. Bob also found time to play on Lou Reed’s “Coney Island Baby” (1975), Michael Bolton’s 1983 debut, WASP’s “The Crimson Idol” (1992) and “Still Not Black Enough” (1995), in addition to a long running collaboration with Meat Loaf, from touring the “Bat Out Of Hell” LP, through to 1987’s “Live at Wembley” album, and also two albums with Balance in the early 80s. In the 1990s, he recorded with Blackthorne alongside former Rainbow vocalist Graham Bonnet, as well as the hard rock group, Skull, who released their sole LP, “No Bones About It” in 1991.

Which brings us to the short-lived “Murderer’s Row”, where Bob was joined by Jimmy Waldo on keyboards, who has had as varied a career as Kulick, having played with Alcatrazz, Blackthorne (alongside Kulick), Graham Bonnet Band, New England and Quiet Riot. The band was fronted by David Glen Eisley, who had previously sung lead vocals for the bands Sorcery (1980-1983), Giuffria (1983–1988) and Dirty White Boy (1988–1991) before joining Bob and Jimmy in Murderer’s Row. Drummer Jay Schellenbaum had played with Asia, Circa and Hurricane, with the line-up completed by bassist Chuck Wright.

The set includes a new essay from Malcolm Dome, based on recent interviews with Bob Kulick, Jimmy Waldo and David Glen Eisley, discussing how the band formed and the making of the record. “Murderer’s Row” should appeal to fans of commercial, hard rock, and bands such as KISS, Blackthorne and Meat Loaf.”

Murderer’s Row‘s “India” video:

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Interview with Bob Kulick by The Metal Voice:

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