Music documentary ‘My Stupid Tribute Band’ about group Back In Black to premiere next month

Music documentary ‘My Stupid Tribute Band’ about group Back In Black to premiere next month

Big news in the Back In Black (AC/DC tribute band) and Stripwired (original band) camps as a music documentary titled My Stupid Tribute Band pertaining to Back In Black will be seeing the light of day next month. Back In Black mainstays — guitarist Michael Mroz and lead vocalist Darren Caperna — have been spearheading the band for a couple of decades. Caperna has the distinction of being one of four singers to have auditioned with AC/DC to replace Brian Johnson when the latter had to bow out from the Rock Or Bust Tour due to hearing issues.

The following message was posted on Back In Black‘s Facebook page earlier today (with slight edits):

“Twenty years in the making and two years of writing, filming and editing, we are proud to announce our new music documentary, My Stupid Tribute Band. The first trailer will be released next week, and details will follow regarding a FREE Dallas premiere in October for our fans at a local theater.

My Stupid Tribute Band follows our twenty year history culminating with our lead singer auditioning for AC/DC! It is a heartwarming and fun account celebrating the lows and highs we have encountered throughout the years.

The film is in its final stages and we will have more details to follow including where you will be able to watch it – We can’t wait to share our story with you🤘

Sleaze Roxx interviewed Mroz and Caperna back in December 2018 and the duo was asked Caperna‘s audition with AC/DC. Mroz indicated: “The AC/DC audition was incredible! I had heard about Brian’s departure on social media and I immediately contacted Darren and his response was, “Well, go get me an audition.” I turned away and I thought, “Yeah right!” But then I knew I had a couple resources so I made a couple calls. The next day, their management was trying to contact me and I couldn’t believe it. After a couple [of] phone calls, we were set to fly to Atlanta and meet the band. Management drove us to their rehearsal room and after a quick sound check with their techs, the band walked in and we had tea and crumpets. It was so amazing! A three or four song audition turned into a five hour AC/DC concert that included every song off their current Rock Or Bust Tour plus a couple [of] additional songs. The coolest part of the whole experience is that AC/DC treated us as their peers. Darren and I also experienced their amazing work ethic. It was so educational and inspiring. Unfortunately, they went with Axl Rose but they told us, they consider us part of the AC/DC family. We were able to catch up with the band when they were on tour and saw them perform in Buffalo, New York [USA] and hung out backstage with them again.”

Caperna added: “The first thing that blew me away was when I walked into the rehearsal space for the audition. The setup was like a live concert. A wall of Marshall full stacks on either side of the drums, +4 bass rigs, and Chris Slade’s full drum kit. We met the crew and management first, and they went out of their way to make us feel welcome and like part of the family. They asked me if I wanted earplugs and of course I said “No. I like it loud.” They warned me that I have never heard loud like this before. They were right. When they hit that first guitar chord, it shook my bones! They got everything ready and then the boys showed up. Angus came up to me, shook my hand, thanked me for coming, and asked me if I would like some tea. Then he introduced me to the rest of the band. I calmed myself down because at that moment, I had forgotten how to breathe. But they made me feel so relaxed and welcome that it was like I was jamming with my friends in my garage. And my God! It was loud!

I was told I would do about four or five songs, but we ended up doing the whole Rock Or Bust Tour setlist. Two hours of jamming. When we finished, I went out back to smoke a cigarette, and all the guys came out back with me. We all started talking. They were telling me stories about Bon Scott. I was telling them stories about growing up in New York, and we were all having a great time laughing our asses off! We went back inside and I thought we were finished, so I went up to Angus and said “Thank you so much for this opportunity, I will never forget this.” He said, “Don’t you want to play some more?” I said, “Yes please!” And then we rocked for another two hours. When we were done, they told me they would make a decision in the next few weeks and that I should keep everything on the down low until then. I can’t express how hard it was to not tell anyone anything! My friends from New York heard about Brian Johnson not singing for them anymore, and sent me messages saying you should audition for them [laughs]! And it drove me crazy that I couldn’t respond to them that I already did!”