Musician Files Suit Againts Alice Cooper In Lame Publicity Stunt


November 3, 2009

Fifi LaRue, the self proclaimed ‘Gothic Killer Clown’, has launched a case file with TV’s Judge Judy in a lame attempt at drumming up publicity for his band.

The case filed with Judge Judy states, “Fifi Larue recently went to Alice’s show at the Nokia Center in Los Angeles last week, Wednesday Oct. 28th. The show was great! The musicianship was great! But, the sound BLEW!!! So, Fifi Larue has requested a refund from Alice’s manager… for two tickets for Fifi and his friend who attended the show, cost at $65.00 each a total of $130.00 for the suit!”

In an email to Alice Cooper’s manager Toby Mamis, Fifi LaRue shows that he is still upset for not getting an Alice Cooper opening slot. The email from Fifi to Toby reads, “Toby, I didn’t hear back from you today on my “Refund”??? Nor did I recieve payment on my Pay-Pal account??? So, I think I will be taking you to small claims court and I hope “Judge Judy” will hear my Case! I have already submitted with Judge Judy submissions… it will be nice to see you again. I think the last time I saw you was when you screwed me from performing at the Grove of Anaheim, Ca. “CourtYard” for the Alice Cooper show on Halloween Night a few years back! Like George Lopez would say, “You Remember?” “Member?””

Sleaze Roxx wonders how much the attention starved Fifi LaRue owes fans in attendance at the Kiss 2009 Expo who had to witness him falling off the stage? View the following video, Judge Judy will be awaiting your call!

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