Mystery Unveil The Short Story Of A Cool Kids Rock Band

Mystery Unveil The Short Story Of A Cool Kids Rock Band

March 9, 2012

The teenage Australian rock/metal band known as Mystery have posted a short video to give you the facts about the band.

Mystery officially formed at the very beginning of 2010 after thirteen year old Rocky Ravic (vocals and lead guitar) met twelve year old Tony Mlikota (drums) at the concert of Croatian all-female Hard Rock band Angels, who were touring Australia. Rocky was then introduced to twelve year old Kris Iaccino (rhythm guitar) who was a school friend of Tony’s. Kris and Tony would jam together on weekends and had a wish to form their very own band. Rocky, Kris and Tony all committed to the band which they called Mystery because, at the time, they did not know what to call the band so they would tell people it was a ‘mystery’.

In the later part of 2010, twelve year old Josh Scarpaci (bass) completed the line-up. Only several weeks later the band performed their debut show at CroktoberFest in Melbourne. Mystery then recorded their first demo single, “Rock’n’Roll Forever Be”, which was mixed by Internationally renowned Stu Marshall of Frontier Studio. He was so impressed that he offered to produce a debut album for the teenage band.

Mystery then filmed a professional music video for their first single which was co-directed by the prominant filmmakers Steve Ravic of Majestic Film and Hollywood based motion picture maker Neil Johnson.

The band began recording their debut album in late 2011 and will update its progress at

So sit back, relax and keep your eyes on the screen! In 5 action packed minutes, Mystery give you the facts about this young Australian ‘Kid’ band. This short story includes an interview, live highlights and behind the scenes footage of the band featuring members who are only aged fourteen and fifteen. This is an informative video about Mystery, and an opportunity to see and hear this unique ‘Kid Metal’ band now booking shows worldwide.

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