Nasty Habit change drummer and band name to Major Crush

Nasty Habit change drummer and band name to Major Crush

Nasty Habit photoIn another surprise announcement, New York state based Nasty Habit have announced that they have changed drummers from long-time drummer David Jordan to newcomer Brandon Young, and more importantly that they are changing their sound and name to Major Crush.

The following announcement was posted yesterday on Nasty Habit‘s Facebook page:

“Some may have noticed that we recently parted ways with our long-time drummer, David Jordan. We’d like to thank him for his many years of dedication to Nasty Habit and wish him well with his future endeavors.

We’re proud to announce our new Drummer, Brandon Young! With this change we have a BIG announcement!

Nasty Habit photoNasty Habit has come to an end. Please join us in support of our new band, Major Crush.

(Our name here on Facebook will be changed shortly)

We entered the studio last fall with New York City producer Stacy O’Dell and recorded a new record that we’re excited about because it represents everything we want to say right now. The new songs will appeal to fans of Nasty Habit as well as to a younger audience of fans looking for a truly new sound. It’s heavy, it’s intense, it rips but it also has strong elements of pop music that represents where we’ve been taking our sound. We chose Kato Khandwala to mix the record because of his impressive work with The Pretty Reckless and Paramore. The record will be released in the late spring on label to-be-announced and a summer tour will follow. The lead single “You Ain’t A Saint” will be released in the coming weeks.”

Major Crush (2016 TEASER)

Major Crush is a American Pop-Rock N Roll band, born from members of Nasty

Major Crush photo 2

The new name Major Crush and the fact the band believes that its new music will appeal to a younger audience of fans suggests that the band members are trying to capitalize on their good looks and try to reposition themselves and incorporate more of a boy band appeal.

Nasty Habit released two albums, a full length album entitled Nasty Habit in 2012 and an EP Desperate Times, Desperate Measures in 2014, The group also released a single “Turn Up The Radio” in late 2015.

Nasty Habit – Turn up the Radio (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Nasty Habit’s new single “Turn up the Radio”Hear more of the band at Adam