Nasty Habit Debut With “Saturday Night” Music Video

Nasty Habit Debut With “Saturday Night” Music Video

December 14, 2011

Syracuse, New York’s Nasty Habit have hit the sleaze rock scene with their debut music video for the single “Saturday Night” — from the band’s recently released 2011 EP. The four song EP is currently availble for purchase at

Nasty Habit have played shows all across Central New York, from local clubs to huge outdoor venues like the Regional Market Block Party, and have opened for national acts like Joey Belladonna and BulletBoys, while also headlining and running their own shows. The band can be heard at both and

What started as a past time for a group of high school trouble-makers was just the seeds of something great to come. Kenny Ende has been the lead guitarist and backbone for Nasty Habit ever since he started the band in 2008. Since then, he and original member and younger brother Tommy Ende have seen many line-up changes while perfecting the group of scoundrels now called Nasty Habit. The most notable of changes early on was when the loss of their singer meant, then drummer, Tommy would get the opportunity to step up as the lead singer. A pivotal moment for the band’s sound and style. Since then he’s been the face of Nasty Habit, taking a front-seat in song writing with Kenny.

With Tommy off the drums, it was no accident when they met David Jordan, the most deviate drummer in all the land. It only took one rough jam of Guns N’ Roses “Nightrain” for The boys to decide DJ was just the Beast they’d been looking for. Its his thunderous rhythms that keep listener’s from standing still, and his charisma that brings the band’s tongue-in-cheek style and non-stop party attitude. To complete the revamped line-up, Nasty Habit recently drafted Frank Wheeler, who comes from a long line of bassists with flawless hair. His loud mouth and rock hard grooves complete the rhythm section of the world’s rudest band — Nasty Habit.

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