Nasty Habit’s producer Stacy O’Dell looking for new bands to work with

Nasty Habit’s producer Stacy O’Dell looking for new bands to work with

Stacy O'Dell photoNew York, New York, USA based producer Stacy O’Dell is looking for some new bands to work with.

O’Dell just posted the following message on his Facebook account: “If you or someone you know is looking for a Producer for their next record, EP or single please contact me! I’m looking for new bands”

O’Dell‘s bio on states:

Stacy is a producer, mixer & musician living in NYC. He’s been working with a lot of great bands here in NYC as well as mixing for bands all over the world. With over 20 full-length records, dozens of EPs and hundreds of singles to his credit, Stacy has become one of the most sought-after producers and mixers in NYC.

Nasty Habit photoFull album production.

Mixing, editing, pitch correction, drum programming, quantization of drums, vocals and audio, strings, horns, bass, guitar, reamping…

I custom make my prices based on a lot of factors to try to give the lowest fair price. Including:┬átrack count, time required, work load and budget…”

Genres that O’Dell‘s specializes in include heavy metal, heavy rock and rock.

He recorded, produced and mixed Nasty Habit‘s latest EP Desperate Times, Desperate Measures along with the group’s latest single “Turn Up The Radio.”

Nasty Habit – Turn up the Radio (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Nasty Habit’s new single “Turn up the Radio”Hear more of the band at Adam

Nasty Habit – Don’t Bring Me Down (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

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