Nasty Habit Release Behind The Scenes Video for “Turn Up The Radio”

Nasty Habit release behind the scenes video for “Turn Up The Radio”

Nasty Habit have released a behind the scenes video for their latest video “Turn Up The Radio.”

The band provided the following comments for their song “Turn Up The Radio”: “Written for those who hustle their way to the top. For those who work hard and never stop! You know who you are, and we salute you!”

Nasty Habit – Turn up the Radio (Behind The Scenes)

Nasty Habit behind the scenes, on set of their music video for “Turn up the Radio”. Check out the video and find more music at www.nastyhabitkills.comVideo …

Sleaze Roxx had the following to say about Nasty Habit‘s last EP Desperate Times, Desperature Measures: “The fiery guitar licks and hooks from Kenny Ende, coupled with his brother Tommy Ende‘s unique, slow and clear vocal delivery, instantly transported me to that amazing ’80s hard rock era. Nasty Habit obviously aren’t out to reinvent the wheel, and apparently are proud to be playing music similar to some of their ’80s heroes.”

Sleaze Roxx also recently saw Nasty Habit playing live at the M3 Pre Party on April 30, 2015 and stated: “These four young guys put on what I consider to be the best performance of the night, particularly due to lead singer Tommy Ende‘s complete use of the stage and obvious comfort in communicating with the audience.”

Nasty Habit – Turn up the Radio (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

Nasty Habit’s new single “Turn up the Radio”Hear more of the band at Adam