Nasty High looking for new guitarist

Nasty High looking for new guitarist

UK rockers Nasty High are searching for a new guitarist as their guitarist Marcos Alvarez, who played on their last studio album Liquid Scream, has moved back to Spain.

The following message was posted on Nasty High‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Ok folks, we didn’t really want to post this until we’d found someone new so as not to lose momentum after HRH, but it seems that some of you already know that Marcos R. Alvarez has left the UK and is now living back in his native Spain. We hope you can join us in thanking him for his 2 years of service with NASTY HIGH and wish him all the best for the future! However, this obviously means we need a new guitarist, so please Like, Share and Tag people you think would be interested! We will of course honour the 2x gigs we have booked later in the year, as we are confident we can find someone between now and then, with your help of course!

Thank you all for your continuing support, we are now writing new songs to follow up our debut album!

from Dan, JB & Mazzy

Nasty High’s “Here We Are” video:

NASTY HIGH – “Here We Are”

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