Nasty Idols’ Future Uncertain As Tour Dates Are Cancelled

Nasty Idols’ Future Uncertain As Tour Dates Are Cancelled

April 21, 2013

The Nasty Idols have been forced to cancel their Germany and Switzerland tour dates due to substance abuse issues, leaving the future of the band in jeopardy.

“At this time we don’t know if or when we’re gonna continue as a band,” said the Swedish group in a recent statement. “Therefore we have to cancel all band activites for now. We are sorry for all the inconvenience this might bring.”

The Nasty Idols released their latest effort ‘Kalifornia’ on August 28th, 2012 through Perris Records, contains 11 original tracks featuring “Kalifornia”, “1969 (This Ain’t The Summer Of Love)”, “Nightstalkin'” and “Roadtrip”.

Nasty Idols were formed in 1987 by vocalist Andy Pierce and bassist Dick Qwarfort. They played their first gig at a local festival and inspiration for the band came from early Motley Crue, KISS, Sweet and Alice Cooper. The videos for “Cool Way Of Living”, “Can’t Get Ya’ Off My Mind” and “Trashed N Dirty” all made their way to MTV’s Headbangers Ball as the band’s 1991 album ‘Cruel Intention’ was released in both Germany and Japan. When the Seattle Grunge era stormed the Earth by 1994, life were not easy for any good old rock n’roll band. By 2002 American label Perris Records re-released all the Nasty Idols albums including a ‘Best Of’ and the 1995 ‘Heroes For Sale’ album.

After a succesfull re-union gig at the Sweden Rock Festival 2006 the band followed up with ‘The Rejects On The Road’ Tour. Throughout 2006 they played in Sweden and in 2007 they were still playing gigs and toured in Italy and U.K. In 2009 they released a 12 track album called ‘Boys Town’ through Metal Heaven Records.

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