Nasty Idols Sign With Metal Heaven Records


November 8, 2008

Armed with scarfs, make-up, hairspray, black and bleached hair they were the most outrageous sleaze rock band coming out of Scandinavia in the late 80’s and early 90’s. Nasty Idols released four original albums and was considered as the next groundbreaking Swedish rock act after ABBA, Europe and Roxette. Nasty Idols spectacular on stage antics and their private world of Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll revealed – they sold albums all over the world including U.S.A and Japan. After the break-up 1995 and being apart for more than 10 years the band was re-united with the original members 2006. They did the successful “Rejects On The Road” tour and started to write songs for a new album.

The new Nasty Idols album “Boys Town” was produced by Matti Engdahl and Andy Pierce and will be out in March 2009 on Metal Heaven and contain 12 new original songs.

Nasty Idols Sign With Metal Heaven Records

Singer Andy Pierce comments: “We wanted to write really good tracks for the new album. Right after our last show in Copenhagen 2007 we jumped into the studio. We actually used the whole year of 2008 to write and record. Just like in the old days we just played the songs live and then added stuff. The whole spectrum of Nasty Idols is represented on the new album. The firestarter “Rock Out” is quickly followed by the groovy title track “Boys Town”. We also do real glam antics as the “New York Dolls” smelling “7 Year Itch”. We wanna use the old cliche – that this is our best album ever…but we don’t. We just say; if you’re into our kind of music…you’ll love this one!”

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