Nasty Ratz release video for “Made Of Steel”

Nasty Ratz release video for “Made Of Steel”

Czech sleaze rockers, Nasty Ratz, have released a video for the song “Made Of Steel” from their album First Bite.

Nasty Ratz group photoNasty Ratz recently announced that they got signed to what appears to be a three year contract with record label Sleaszy Rider Records, which works with artists including Whitesnake.

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of First Bite: “First Bite borrows a lot of the best elements from the ’80s — which is of course a good thing — and you might well think that this album was crafted back during the glory days of hair metal. The music is kept pretty simple with tasteful catchy riffs and soaring guitar solos. The main love it or hate it issue is lead singer Jake Widow‘s vocals. I am not that crazy about them and find this is a weak point throughout the album. That being said, Widow‘s vocals are good enough to listen to the album anyways. The best tracks on First Bite are the first four and especially “If You Really Love Me” with its infectious guitar riff, cool melody and catchy chorus; the upbeat “Cut You Off” with the sexy foreign sounding verbal intro from some young woman saying “You know, it was nice but…” and the ripping guitar solos; and, to a lesser extent the speedier “N.A.S.T.Y.” but the vocals grate a bit on my nerves.”

NASTY RATZ – Made Of Steel (Official Music Video / First Bite / 2015)

Single from FIRST BITE of NASTY RATZ released in 2015, Sleaszy Rider Records. Shoot in the MMA Self Defence, Prague.Special Thankz: Tibor SalajCREDITS:Direct…