Nasty Ratz release video for new song “Against The World”

Nasty Ratz release video for new song “Against The World”

Czech sleaze rockers Nasty Ratz consisting of founding member and frontman Jake Widow along with new members — lead guitarist Mick Rook, bassist Xriss String and drummer Randy Dee — have released a video for their new song “Against The World.”

Nasty Ratz’s upcoming 2018 tour dates:
22nd November — L-Klub — Pilsen, Czech Republic
23th November — Paunchy Cats — Lichtenfels, Germany
24th November — Rockberry — Prague, Czech Republic
25th November — Reigen Live — Wien, Austria

Widow was interviewed by The New Wave of Hair Metal‘s senior admin Tom in early February 2018 and asked what happened with respect to the band’s new-line-up to which the singer replied (with slight edits): “Well, as you might have seen. The line-up changed completely. The guys literally told me I’m not good enough to be part of the band they play in. It taught me a lot. I started practicing a lot. I take lessons 2-3 times a week now. And I learnt that if you can’t get on with a member of your band, it’s pretty bad idea to let it be just because of the way he can play . Nevermind, I love their new tune and I believe we have a cool relationship. But now, there is only way to make that… I work every day to be a good frontman and to have a great band. There is no time or space for thinking about revenge or shit like that.”

Nasty Ratz‘s “Against The World” video:

Nasty Ratz – Against The World (OFFICIAL)

Official music video for “AGAINST THE WORLD” by NASTY RATZMusic by: Nasty RatzMix & Master: Rony Janecek (John Wolfhooker)〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰️〰…