Nasty Ratz split with bassist Tommy Christen

Nasty Ratz split with bassist Tommy Christen

nasty-ratz-photoCzech rockers Nasty Ratz have announced that they have parted ways with their bassist Tommy Christen.

The following message was posted on Nasty Ratz‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“We haven’t spoken about our bandlife too much these days. And it had a reason. 14th September in cross club, Prague Tommy Christen plays his final concert with Nasty Ratz. His departure was voluntary and more or less for personal reasons caused, so no drama happened. He even taught a replacement which is also being announced in the cross club that evening.”

Christen posted a comment under Nasty Ratz‘s Facebook post stating: “Don’t be sad guys, thank you for those amazing years and opportunities! The band will go on ;)”

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in its review of Nasty Ratz‘s First Bite: “A nasty-ratz-album-coverSleaze Roxx reader brought Nasty Ratz’s album cover for First Bite to my attention a while ago. One look at the record cover prompted me to add First Bite to Sleaze Roxx’s “New Releases” section without having even heard one song. You see, Nasty Ratz’s album cover for First Bite just screams sleaze rock. For some reason, it reminds me of W.A.S.P.‘s infamous torture track during their “Fuck Like A Beast” era. Nasty Ratz‘s cover for First Bite is the kind of album cover that really only sleaze type rockers would come up with. My subsequent listens of Nasty Ratz confirmed my assumption that this was indeed a sleaze type rock band.

Nasty Ratz‘s debut album is exactly the kind of album that I have difficulty reviewing. First Bite does not knock me over in any way but then again, it’s not bad for the most part either. Every time I listen to it — and I have listened to it quite a bit for the purposes of this review — I enjoy it but I don’t long to hear it again.”