Nasty Ratz unveil lyric video for song “Let’s Drive” from new album ‘Second Chance?’

Nasty Ratz unveil lyric video for song “Let’s Drive” from new album ‘Second Chance?’

Czech sleaze rockers Nasty Ratz consisting of lead vocalist Jake Widow, lead guitarist Jordy Riot, bassist Xriss String and drummer Randy Dee have unveiled a lyric video for their track “Let’s Drive” from their new album Second Chance? which was released via record label Sleaszy Rider back in December 2019.

Track List for Second Chance?:
01. The Waste
02. Against The World
03. Let’s Drive
04. Right Now
05. The Last Kiss
06. Watch Your Back
07. Pop Sh*t
08. Street Kids
09. Price of Love
10. Poetic Justice

In an interview with Sleaze Roxx back in November 2019, Widow explained why Nasty Ratz‘s sophomore album was called Second Chance? as he stated: “Well [laughs], it’s all about — I don’t mean the lyrics — but the title is actually based on the recent stuff that happened when three quarters of my original band left me alone. I was kind of given a second chance because people didn’t stuck… Actually, the shows in 2019 were bigger than ever before. I mean, we got the opportunity to support bands like Hardcore Superstar and we have been to the UK and all stuff like this so it was even crazier than before. And now I have members that are like my brothers and we can compose together. They are always excited about stuff. There’s no arguments or something like that. Again it’s like a ‘Second Chance?’ because you also have to consider the first album was ‘First Bite.’ Now ‘Second Chance?’. I am not sure what is going to be the third album [called] but I bet that the title will be ‘Third’ something.”

In terms of how Second Chance? differs from Nasty Ratz‘s debut album First Bite, Widow opined: “Well, I believe that it’s heavier but we have one slow song as well — “The Last Kiss.” There are more catchy choruses I guess because this was something that we really focused on. And it is better recorded because even though the guys are not the same guys as on ‘First Bite’, we are all more experienced musicians and also we have a producer, which wasn’t the case for the first album. We just had a sound engineer who helped us a lot. But our producer on the second album is a true producer and he has his own successful band so he taught us a lot of stuff. And the melodies sound better. The harmonies are big because the first track is called “The Waste” and there are about 16 harmonies or so [laughs] but it’s still sleaze and it’s still glam. But it’s just heavier, catchier and there’s more energy from this band. So at the end, one reason could be why it’s a new album. I listen to it every day. ‘First Bite’, it’s like, “Oh, that was 2015.” You know, I kind go get used to it [laughs]. I believe that the old school fans of ours will love it and also it could bring some new ones. It’s got a modern style but not too much because we still love the ’80s and the older stuff.”

Nasty Ratz‘s “Let’s Drive” lyric video:

Nasty Ratz – Let’s Drive (Lyric video)

Official lyric video of Nasty Ratz’ Let’s Drive.Album: Second ChanceYear: 2019SleaszyRider Records