Nathan James thinks older singers who can’t sing as well as they used to should be allowed to continue

Nathan James thinks older singers who can’t sing as well as they used to should be allowed to continue

Inglorious frontman Nathan James was recently interviewed by Yiannis Dolas for Greece’s Rock Pages.

With respect to whether older singers who can’t deliver how they used to back in the day should retire or not, James opined: “To me it’s like telling a dog not to bark. A dog wants to bark. A singer is supposed to sing. And these older people that are doing it regardless of how great they sound or not, if some people wants to pay the money, they should be allowed to do it. I don’t know if I can ever imagine my life not singing. So, I look at someone who is at their 60s, or 70s… yeah, I would probably like to do the same. Even if I sucked, I’d want to sing, because that’s all I know… that’s what I love doing! I love singing!”

In terms of some people calling Inglorious “the future of rock”, James indicated(with slight edits): “The people that should be behind us, which you’d imagine it would be the British music press, isn’t always behind us. Classic Rock magazine have not helped us at all. Which I find insane, when all the press and rock press around the world says “we want the next rockstar, the next big voice, we want the next great guitar player, the next… and I come along with a great band and a great guitar player and we haven’t made a bad album, it’s fair to say… we haven’t done a bad album. And they don’t jump at it. They’d rather support the bands that America continues supporting, like Greta Van Fleet, or all these other bands.

They asked and asked for someone with charisma and rock talent and a great rock voice to come along and I came along… I think it’s too much for them! People in England try to be modest, they like everyone to be an underdog. And there’s nothing about me that’s an underdog.

If people enjoy what we are doing and want to write great things that’s amazing. If you don’t… it doesn’t matter… because, I still get to this and thousands of people come to see us play. So, I am just happy that in 2020 a rock band can have No.1 album in the UK and play to thousands of people. And that to me, when all you hear from people like the Gene Simmons of this world that “rock is dead”, is very amazing to me that I still can make a living singing rock’n’roll music. As long as I can do that I feel like I’ve won. It doesn’t matter what people say.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Nathan James at Rock Pages‘ website and/or listen to the interview below: