Neon Animal release video for new single “Let’s Make The World Rock”

Neon Animal release video for new single “Let’s Make The World Rock”

UK rockers Neon Animal featuring lead vocalist Mark Thorn, guitarist Miguel Martins and drummer Iv K. Lizz have unveiled a video for their new single “Let’s Make The World Rock” from their latest studio album Make No Mistake, which was released  via Cargo Records back on June 26, 2020.

The following message was posted on Neon Animal‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“Shot during lockdown in central London, where we took full advantage of the city’s empty streets & included many of its famous landmarks. We also invited various musicians, movers and shakers to send footage from all over the globe for inclusion, bringing the world together with Rock ‘n’ Roll amidst these times of separation.

We’d like to thank all of the friends who are featured in the video! In order of appearance:

Dennis Post from Copenhagen, Denmark [Guitarist at Warrior Soul, The City Kids & Flush The Fashion]

Adam Arling from Chicago, USA [Guitarist at The Last Vegas, Warrior Soul]

Oscar Fernando Peres from New York City, USA [Guitar/Vocals at Tender Beats]

Giulia de Mastrangelo from Lecce, Italy

Vicky Hamilton from Los Angeles, USA [Manager, Record Label Owner]

Christian Kimmet from Edinburgh, Scotland [Bassist at Warrior Soul, Jizzy Pearl’s Love/Hate]

JJ Watt from Leeds, UK [Bass, Guitar & Vocals at The City Kids, The Main Grains]

Chris & Sam Rodgerson from Durham, UK

Star Mafia Boy from Madrid, Spain [Vocals & Guitar at Star Mafia Boy]

Slyde Barnett from Paris, France [Vocals & Guitar at Komodor]

Årt Hür from Paris, France [Guitarist at Sweet Needles]”

Neon Animal‘s “Let’s Make The World Rock” video: