Netflix movie about KISS reportedly in the works

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Netflix movie about KISS reportedly in the works

After seeing Mötley Crüe experience so much success with their movie The Dirt, which was released via Netflix back on March 22, 2019, it should be no surprise that KISS are reportedly working on a film about themselves to be released on the same network.

The following message was posted on El final del camino kiss / México‘s Facebook page back on April 21, 2021 (with slight edits):

“There will be movie about KISS on Netflix!

#Deadline reports that #Netflix is close to closing a deal to broadcast “Shout It Out Loud“, a film about KISS as already done with Bohemian Rhapsody on #QUEEN.

#KISS reportedly held negotiations with various producers over the past few months for some network to buy the rights to broadcast a biographical film. Looks like Netflix will finally stream KISS‘s story through its streaming service.

The film will bear the title of Shout It Out Loud and will be directed by Joachim Rönning, Norwegian filmmaker known for his work on Kon-Tik, Pirates of the Caribbean: Revenge of Salazar and Maleficent: Owner of Evil. The script is written by Ole Sanders. Pic will be a co-production of Atmosphere Entertainment by Mark Canton and Universal Music Group.

Shout It Out Loud will feature close collaboration from band leaders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley. History will focus on both, from two misfits from Queens who forged a dubious friendship, to a thousand details about the group. They’ll tell the story since KISS featured guitarist Ace Frehley and drummer Peter Criss. We’ll see how the group wanted to differentiate themselves from the rest of the time, with their costumes, costumes, personalities, fireworks and makeup.

#GeneSimmons and #PaulStanley will monitor the project and of course the music from the film.

Everything is moving fast and is expected to be premiered when KISS finishes their #End of The Road tour.

None of those involved have commented on it as an official launch is expected, although the news was discovered by Deadline.


A KISS Biography titled KISSTORY will be airing as a two-night event on A&E starting on Sunday, June 27, 2021 at 9/8c.