New Aerosmith CD Will Contain The Band’s Vintage Sound Says Steven Tyler

New Aerosmith CD Will Contain The Band’s Vintage Sound Says Steven Tyler

February 27, 2012

New Aerosmith CD Will Contain The Band's Vintage Sound Says Steven TylerSteven Tyler can currently be seen each week on American Idol, but the very busy singer is still finding time for the day job that made him an icon. “We’ve been in the studio for the last month,” Tyler says of Aerosmith.

Tyler was in great spirits when Rolling Stone ran into him last night at Elton John’s 20th annual Academy Award viewing party. He has good reason to be, with both Aerosmith and Idol going well. “Both things, we’re nailing them,” he said.

The band is reteaming with producer Jack Douglas (Toys in the Attic, Draw the Line) and, as you would expect, they’re bringing back the classic Aerosmith sound. “We’re gonna have a vintage sound, ’cause we’re going to tape and a lot of good things like that,” said Tyler. “We’re keeping tracks lean, not a lot of overdubs, and like I said, we’re using Jack to his fullest. So you’re gonna hear some stuff where you might think Aerosmith’s back.”

According to Tyler, the sessions so far feel like back in the day. “I’m having such a good time writing again,” he said. “You got the songs right now where they’re like shells, with no lyrics and no melody, and I get to fill in the blanks like I did with ‘Back in the Saddle’ when it was just a track.”

In even more good news for Aerosmith fans, the band will be hitting the road this summer. “June 18th it starts,” Tyler said. “So spread the word.”

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