New British Lion album recorded but release date will depend on Iron Maiden’s schedule

New British Lion album recorded but release date will depend on Iron Maiden’s schedule

Iron Maiden and British Lion bassist Steve Harris was recently interviewed by Jimmy Kay of Canada’s The Metal Voice presumably in anticipation of British Lion‘s mini-tour of Eastern Canada starting on November 1, 2018.

In terms of a new upcoming studio album from British Lion, Harris advised (as translated by The Metal Voice with slight edits): “We finished recording but we have not mastered it yet and we have not done the artwork yet and have not decided when it would go out because I am governed by obviously with what happens with Maiden first. I need to know what Maiden is doing first  and only then we can decide if we can release the album next year.”

In regard to if he has any plans to tour the USA with British Lion, Harris indicated: “We would love to tour the USA, but it is such a vast country and for that you have to block a certain period of time and be free. When we finally do the USA we will come over and do the West coast of Canada as well  but we don’t have time right now and  I have to see what I am doing with Maiden cause Iron Maiden always comes first. “

With respect to the musical direction of the first British Lion album, Harris stated: “We have been playing for the past five years live and we have become a tighter band, we are naturally evolving and if anything the band is getting heavier in sound yet still very melodic. The songs still have a UFO feel with a guitar influence. In general the band is sounding a little more harder edge more powerful live than on the debut record. With the second record we have tried to capture that essence of what we sound like live.”

Interview with Steve Harris by The Metal Voice:

Steve Harris Iron Maiden- interview-Talks New British Lion Album, Tour, Influences-The Metal Voice

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