New Dokken song written by Jeff Pilson and George Lynch in the works

New Dokken song written by Jeff Pilson and George Lynch in the works

Foreigner bassist Jeff Pilson was recently interviewed by The Official Jeff Pilson Blog and provided some details of how the much anticipated Dokken classic line-up reunion came to be and a new song that he has written with George Lynch for Dokken.

Dokken photo 2Pilson stated in regard to how the reunion came to be: “OK, full story. Tom Mayhue, (who in the 80’s was our crew chief but went on to GnR where he’s been ever since as Production Mgr) was contacted by Creative Man in Japan (the promoter). He was asked to contact us all to see about the possibility of a reunion. Once everyone agreed to the premise and their offer (which is quite lucrative), they then asked for my Foreigner itinerary to book the dates so it could work for me. How do you say no to that???? The problem really has been scheduling in our last couple attempts at a reunion, so this solved that problem and we went forward.”

In terms of the setlist for the reunion shows, Pilson stated: “Well of course there will be the classics, but we have talked about trying to bring out at least one deep cut, perhaps one we’ve never performed or haven’t in a very long time, but we’ll see. I’d sure like to have an acoustic section, maybe 4 songs. We all agree it has to be a helluva show.”

Jeff Pilson photoOne new Dokken song with the classic line-up is in the works as Pilson indicated: “Not really, but he [George Lynch] did come over 2 days ago and we wrote the music to a new track that I sent to Don yesterday. The plan is, hopefully, to somehow record one song before the tour to include as part of the packaging. The song we wrote is awesome, I can’t wait to hear what Don does to it.”

You can read the entire interview with Pilson at The Jeff Pilson Official Blog.

Dokken are scheduled to play six shows in Japan including an appearance at Loud Park that will be held on October 8-9, 2016.