New five-part fan-made ‘Van Halen 1984 Documentary’ to debut later this month

New five-part fan-made ‘Van Halen 1984 Documentary’ to debut later this month

The Van Halen News Desk has unveiled some exciting news with the upcoming release of the five-part fan-made Van Halen 1984 Documentary, whose first part will debut later this month on YouTube for free!

There are five episodes consisting of:

EP1 – Building 5150 Studios
EP2 – The Road to the US Festival
EP3 – The Making of the 1984 Album
EP4 – The 1984 Tour
EP5 – Van Halen Breaks Up

Sleaze Roxx stated the following in one of its three reviews of the album 1984: “Aside from my very personal connection to 1984, Van Halen‘s sixth studio album — and the last one with singer David Lee Roth until A Different Kind Of Truth in 2012 — is THE album that commercialized hard rock and heavy metal, and influenced just about every major hard rock and heavy metal band to soften their sound and try out some keyboards and/or synths. Van Halen achieved their second Diamond certified album in the United States of America with 1984 and seemingly, just about every hard rock and heavy metal band was watching and decided to try the commercial route…..

What about Van Halen? It was almost impossible for the band to follow up 1984 because some of the songs on it were simply so strong and they were in my eyes, the biggest band in the land at that point. It was probably a blessing in disguise in some ways for Van Halen to part with Roth and continue with Sammy Hagar because it wasn’t about following up 1984 afterwards but more about what would Van Halen sound like with Hagar in the band. I remember when I first saw Van Halen‘s video for “Jump” on Canada’s television show Video Hits. I was mesmerized. Van Halen were like no other band that I had ever seen. They all had long hair yet seemed almost goofy and down to earth with their silly and likely cheap “shot in the studio” video. Roth was a master entertainer on that video and the guys just seemed like so much fun.”

Van Halen 1984 Documentary Trailer: