New Gypsy Rose album is ready to go

New Gypsy Rose album is ready to go

Gypsy Rose frontman Michael Ross was recently interviewed by Wallygator and The Meister of the CGCM Podcast.

The group recently announced the addition of guitarist Mike McAvan who joins the classic band line-up of lead vocalist Michael Ross, bassist Rob Laidlaw, guitarist Adam Arsenault and drummer Steve Thomas. Ross previously promised some big announcements for 2018.

CGCM Podcast‘s press release states as follows about Gypsy Rose (with slight edits): “Signed to Gene Simmons’ record label Simmons Records/RCA, Gypsy Rose released their debut album “Prey” in 1990. Prey was a melodic hard rock masterpiece but a changing of musical climate combined with a complete shake-up at RCA left this incredible debut in limbo without the support and push it should have received. A brief Gypsy Rose reunion of sorts took place in 2012 with a handful of live dates and the release of “Poisoned By Love” on FNA Records. Once again the world of Gypsy Rose fell silent, until now…”

Excerpts from the interview provided by the CGCM Podcast are below:

On Gene Simmons, Ross stated: “I was like every kid, dressed as Gene for Halloween”, “He went over every lyric with me over the phone. He was very meticulous”, “I was at Gene’s house and I had his dragon boots on”

On the band name that fortunately didn’t happen, Ross advised: “We were almost called Wet Engine, that was Gene’s name. Gene and Tom Treumuth had T-shirts made up that said ‘Who loves a Wet Engine?’”

On the canceled Prey Tour, Ross indicated: “There was a tour booked for three weeks in England. We were ready to go and that’s when the Gulf War broke out so Gene wouldn’t let us go.”

On a new Gypsy Rose record, Ross stated: “It’s done! My girlfriend’s friend is Al Sutton who just did the Greta Van Fleet album and he did the work to digitize them for us.”

You can listen to the interview with Ross including a sampling of a never before released song entitled “Messing With Trouble” at the CGCM Podcast website.