New Haven’s self-titled album to be released via FnA Records on May 23rd

New Haven’s self-titled album to be released via FnA Records on May 23rd

FnA Records has unearthed another lost band from the 1980s as the record label will be releasing New Haven‘s self-titled album on May 23, 2022.

Track List for New Haven:
01.Rocking Chair
02. Part of Me
03. Draw The Line
04. Long Night Out
05. Who You Are
06. Love On The Rox
07. I’m In Love
08. Walk Away
09. Hold Me Christine
10. Blind Truth
11. Sweet Surrender
12. Cross The Line
13. When The Night Comes Down

FnA Records‘ website indicates (with slight edits):

“1986, ground zero EIGHTIES: a band is born. Out of the ashes of Hollywood mainstays HAVEN, drummer Todd Lane linked up with singer Kirk Samler, immediately forging a strong partnership that would prove unbreakable. Building on mutual life experience and shared devotion to the classic arena rock bands that inspired them, the pair went into the studio and cut the demo they would use to assemble NEWHAVEN, the band.

They pulled in keyboardist and songwriter Mike Drake first, then Todd reached out to guitarist Danny Kane, who brought in bass player Ross Manzo and the boys were off and running. Starting on Sunday and Thursday nights at the world famous Troubadour club, NEWHAVEN rocked, promoted and hustled throughout ’87, eventually packing the venues on weekends, becoming a huge draw in LA.

Personnel changes came in ’88, when Tim Kelly (Slaughter) assumed lead guitar duties and Robbie Crane took over on bass. The run got stronger and the buzz kept growing, with NEWHAVEN packing shows wherever they played.

In ’89, Atlantic Records took an interest and put the band back into the studio, with the lineup consisting of Kirk, Mike, Todd, Steve McMaster on lead guitar and Glen D’mako playing bass. NEWHAVEN continued dominating the local scene and hit the road opening for the likes of Enuff Z’Nuff, Dirty Looks, Tuff and Warrant, enjoying the ensuing camaraderie and mutual respect arising from touring and partying with their LA brethren.

NEWHAVEN epitomized the raucous party on the Sunset Strip and we are proud to finally officially release this note-perfect document of 80s classic LA hard rock.”

New Haven‘s “Rocking Chair” video: