New Jet Album Landing In August


April 23, 2009 reports that Jet return to form with their long awaited third album, ‘Shaka Rock’ which is set to hit stores on August 25th. Here a little bit their PR sent over about the album:

After almost four million albums sold worldwide and four Top Ten (Modern Rock) hits, the Australian rockers have returned to form with an album that parallels their smash debut, Get Born, which produced hits like “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” and “Cold Hard Bitch.” The new album closes the gap between the raw roots of Get Born and the grace and melody of Shine On (recorded just after the passing of Nic and Chris Cester’s father), which together went on to make Jet an international band of style and substance. Shaka Rock captures the charisma and energy of classic rock and roll with just enough punk swagger and contemporary flair to create something uniquely Jet.

When speaking about the new album Chris Cester states, “I think Shaka Rock is like when TV went color. It’s our musical equivalent. There are moments on this record that are just pure…and moments that just rock harder than we ever have before.”

The album is highlighted by tracks like “Black Hearts (On Fire)” about which Cester observes, “Greed and power are fascinating things…in some ways, “Black Hearts.” “Start the Show” is easily the heaviest song we’ve ever committed to tape. “K.I.A” has the drama of film, in a three-minute song. There’s also some story telling that’s come back again, like “Goodbye Hollywood.” I like to think of it as our kiss-off to our past personally, and it really sums up the forward thinking…go-go, don’t think twice attitude that we had making this album.” The first single off the album, ‘She’s A Genius’, is as catchy and memorable a song as you’d care to hear coming out of a radio or sound system on a summer’s day – a true return to the great rock and roll that made us fall in love with Jet when we first heard them in 2003.

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