New Metallica Documentary: In Their Own Words


March 23, 2009

FUSE went to Manchester, England to document Metallica’s true feelings up close and personal, about what it means to receive rock’s greatest honor. In just a few words, James Hetfield shared his thoughts: “When you hit the stage and start playing and you look them in the eye, dude it’s over man!!! That’s the ultimate drug, the ultimate dream, the ultimate feeling, and we are addicted to it.”

Watch the World premiere of Metallica: In Their Own Words on Monday, March 30th @ 9pm/8c!!!!

“Metallica: In Their Own Words” Exclusive Documentary – Mar30th at 9pm on FUSE @ Yahoo! Video

You can also catch Metallica on FUSE April 4th at 9pm/8c to watch history being made with the live broadcast of the 2009 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony! More info here:

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