New Ratt members rumoured to be drummer Pete Holmes and guitarists Chris Sanders and Jordan Ziff

Photo by Joe Schaeffer Photography

New Ratt members rumoured to be drummer Pete Holmes and guitarists Chris Sanders and Jordan Ziff

Photo of Chris Sanders by Joe Schaeffer Photography

Metal Sludge has just reported that multiple sources have revealed that Ratt‘s three new members who will be joining singer Stephen Pearcy and bassist Juan Croucier are drummer Pete Holmes (Black ‘N Blue, Ratt’s Juan Croucier), lead guitarist Jordan Ziff (Razer) and rhythm guitarist Chris Sanders (Britny FoxKnight Fury).

Metal Sludge reported in part:

“As for the guitarists…

Sanders is from the band Knight Fury, but has also been in the most recent incarnation of Britny Fox.

Ziff is from a band called Razer.

Ziff has also played in a project with Marty Friedman (Megadeth, Cacophony) in the past.”

Wikipedia states the following in part about Sanders: Chris Sanders is an American rock/metal guitarist and songwriter. He is best known as the lead guitarist for Britny Fox, Knight Fury, Lizzy Borden, London with Nadir D’Priest, and the Northern Light Orchestra. Sanders performs at music festivals and stadium size concert events and tours internationally.”

Holmes is best known as the drummer for Black ‘N Blue and has been in the band since 1981. Wikipedia states the following (with slight edits) about Black ‘N Blue‘s early years:

Black ‘N Blue was formed in November, 1981 by high school friends Jamie St. James and Tommy Thayer in Portland, Oregon. Originally calling themselves Movie Star, the band later chose the name Black ‘N Blue based on their ‘in-your-face’ sound and denim and leather look. The band got their first break in 1982 when heavy metal fanzine editor Brian Slagel heard their song demo of “Chains Around Heaven” and subsequently added the track to his first edition of Metal Massacre — an independent compilation album that also introduced newcomers Metallica, Ratt, and Malice.

Photo of Jordan Ziff by Joe Schaeffer Photography

Black ‘N Blue moved to Los Angeles in 1983 making an immediate name for themselves in the Hollywood club scene. Within six months the band signed a worldwide recording contract with Geffen Records, releasing their self-titled debut album, Black ‘N Blue, in August 1984. The Dieter Dierks-produced album included “Hold On to 18,” which was released to radio and MTV and became a moderate success, boosting album sales. A follow-up album, entitled Without Love, was released the following year. This album saw the band modify their original rougher, hard-edge sound in favor of a more polished, radio-friendly pop-metal approach, a move that alienated many fans. Although the tracks “Without Love” and “Miss Mystery” were both released as singles, neither of them saw major chart success. A third track from this album, “Nature of the Beach” appeared in the film Vision Quest and also appeared as the B-side to the Madonna single “Gambler” from the same movie, although it was not included on the soundtrack LP.

In 1986, Black ‘N Blue gained the attention of Kiss bassist Gene Simmons, who would later take over as the band’s producer for their next two albums. The band would go on to release two more albums under the Geffen label, Nasty Nasty in 1986 and In Heat in 1988, both of which saw them making a conscious effort to return to the original raw power that characterized the music on their debut. Songs such as “Nasty Nasty” and “Rock On” were minor hits for the band, but neither of the albums could recapture the Black ‘N Blue sound of old, and the band broke up in 1989.”

Knight Fury‘s “Nothing Left” song:

Knight Fury – Nothing Left

“Nothing Left” from the “Time to Rock” album from Knight Fury