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August 16, 2008

This letter, written by label founder Ann Boleyn, is just to update our friends on what is happening at New Renaissance Records.

HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR. As many of you know, I just returned from Germany where I attended some great metal shows. I was also filling in DETENTE, for the band’s singer, Dawn Crosby, who died in 1996. The highlight of my trip overseas was the Headbangers Open Air Festival, just outside of Hamburg. What made this even so special was the tremendous treatment of hour hosts, Thomas and Jurgen from Hellion Records. The show was an amazing event with three days of excellent bands, many of whom I had never seen before. What also made this show really special was that AT WAR and DEADLY BLESSING were both there! Both bands’ performances were really great and the audience response was really wonderful!

SEAN HELSEL OF AT WAR GETS ANN’S ROAD WARRIOR AWARD #1 FOR DEDICATION! I wanted to share a little story that you probably will not hear elsewhere. Less than a week before AT WAR was scheduled to do their first show in Mexico, SEAN HELSEL, the band’s guitarist fell off a ladder and seriously injured his back. When I say “seriously,” I mean that he could not walk! If my memory serves me correct, he was hospitalized on Tuesday, and emergency surgery was performed on him the next day, which was Wednesday. Then on Friday, Sean flew to Mexico City to dot heir show. And a few days later he flew to Germany for Headbanger’s Open Air! I didn’t hear him make one excuse or mention a thing to the audience, but I think his dedication is awesome and that the band’s fans should know how much agony Sean obviously went through so that the band could do their shows!

LIMITED EDITION MEDIEVAL CD. The limited edition MEDIEVAL CD just arrived. This CD includes the band’s first EP and LP, plus three brand new tracks. Only 1000 will be made available to the general public. After those sell out the music will be only available for download on I-Tunes and similar sites. MEDIEVAL will be celebrating the release of their CD on Saturday, September 20, 2008, at the KZOO METAL FEST III in Kalamazoo, Michigan. There will be 11 bands and 2 stages. The line-up is still being finalized.

SOOTHSAYER LIMITED EDITION CD. The limited edition SOOTHSAYER – HAVE A GOOD TIME- CD also recently arrived. This re-pressing is also limited.

POST MORTEM COMPILATION RELEASE DELAYED. We are delaying the release date of the POST MORTEM compilation due to a last-minute decision to change the graphics to acknowledge the passing of MICHELLE MEDLRUM, who played guitar with POST MORTEM on the MISSING LINK EP, which will ne included in the compilation. Like the MEDIEVAL and SOOTHSAYER re-releases, the POST MORTEM compilation will be a very small pressing. We will inform everyone when a new release date is set.

HOLOCROSS FLYERS, PICTURES, AND RECORDINGS WANTED. We are also working on a limited edition re-release of the first HOLOCROSS album. We’d like to add extra tracks, picures, flyers, and other media to make this release more interesting. If anyone has anything that they’d like to contribute, please e-mail me (Ann) at: If you contribute media which is used on the re-issue, you will receive a special thanks and also some free CDs.

That’s it for now! More news soon! Promise!

Ann Boleyn
Founder of New Renaissance Records

PS: Just a heads up that I am going to be phasing out a lot of the New Renaissance CDs which have (in my opinion) poor quality packaging and that has out-of-date web links, etc. We will be replacing the CDs with better quality packaging and will be changing the graphics. This will include CDs by bands like AT WAR, INDESTROY, ANVIL BITCH, and WEHRMACHT. In other words, if you are a collector and are missing something from your collection you might want to grab it up now before the packaging changes.

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