New Revolution Saints album in works with Doug Aldrich, Deen Castronovo and Jack Blades

New Revolution Saints album in works with Doug Aldrich, Dean Castronovo and Jack Blades

Night Ranger frontman and Revolution Saints bassist Jack Blades was recently interviewed by Matt Wardlaw of Ultimate Classic Rock and asked where things are at with the new Revolution Saints album, which also features Doug Aldrich on lead guitar (The Dead Daisies and formerly Whitesnake and Dio) and Deen Castronovo on drums and lead vocals (former drummer for Journey, Hardline and Ozzy Osbourne).

Blades replied: “Deen’s going to go over to Italy and cut the drums there and then I’m flying over and then we’re going to play the Frontiers Festival. And then yeah, we’re just going to fire that thing up. Look, I’ve been really blessed, the people that I’ve been able to play with. Whenever I’ve done something outside of Night Ranger, you know, with Tommy Shaw and Ted [Nugent] with the Damn Yankees, Neal Schon’s a real good friend of mine, I’ve written a bunch of songs, three or four songs for Journey albums and Neal’s done stuff on my solo records, I’ve done stuff on his solo records. Tak Matsumoto with the B’z, I mean, when Eric Martin and I did the TMG record, Tak is one of the greatest guitar players I’ve played with.

And now, I mean, with the musicianship in Rev Saints, it’s like, forget about it. Deen is a phenomenal drummer. Doug Aldrich’s right in there with all of the guitarists that I’ve played with. He’s right up there at the top with all of the rest of them. He’s just one kick-ass guitarist. So it’s really fun for me not to have to be the lead singer of the band, I’ll tell you that much. I get to be the bass player. I get to be the Jack Bruce of this band. You know, I’ll sing a song here and there, but it’s like, Deen’s the singer in this thing and I love it.”

You can read the rest of the interview with Blades at Ultimate Classic Rock.

Revolution Saints‘ “Back On My Trail” video:

Revolution Saints – “Back On My Trail” (Official Music Video)

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