New Wicked Sins Songs Available For Download

New Wicked Sins Songs Available For Download

May 30, 2010

New Wicked Sins Songs Available For DownloadThe long awaited Wicked Sins CD is finally available online for download into your iPods and MP3 players! iTunes, Amazon and Napster have the entire 13-song CD available now!

This album is a product of a lot of hard work and dedication by vocalist/bassist Dyer Knight, drummer Donnie T. Skiff, guitarist Ken Kelly, and producer extraordinaire Robert Benci. It’s been a very long, hard, painful road to get to this point, and the band has had their ups and downs along the way. Everything that could’ve gone wrong did go wrong at some point. The biggest UP was seeing this CD finally come to fruition, and the biggest DOWN was losing friend and band-mate, Donnie… just days after the final mix was completed almost exactly a year ago. It seemed logical to offer the CD up for download because it’s the quickest way to reach a Global audience, and also that everyone and their Mother owns an iPod or MP3 player these days.

Physical copies of the CD will be pressed in the next few Months that will include album artwork, pictures, thank-you lists, song lyrics, and various snippets between songs that could not be added to the online stores. So here it is, a year later… Wicked Sins hopes that you enjoy what they’ve poured their blood, sweat, and tears into the last couple of years.

Please download the CD, post comments about what you think, and make sure you tell all your friends and family about it… spread the word!

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