Newlyweds — Jessikill singer Jessica Espinoza and guitarist Jyro Alejo get married

Newlyweds — Jessikill singer Jessica Espinoza and guitarist Jyro Alejo get married

There aren’t many rock n’ roll couples in the same band and even fewer married ones in the same group. Jessikill are now part of both ofthis rather exclusive clubs given that singer Jessica Espinoza and guitarist Jyro Alejo have reportedly tied the knot.

The following message was posted on Alejo‘s Facebook page earlier today:

“We are now officially Married! ? Love you my Jessica for life! ❤ Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! ☺”

Back in January 2016, Sleaze Roxx interviewed Jessikill and noted that she never did make the permanent move from San Antonio, Texas, USA to Chicago, Illinois, USA when she joined Hessler in early 2014 [and eventually left in November 2014]. Jessikill stated as follows:

“Originally, I was definitely all in for Hessler. All the guys were awesome, I had a lot of fun in Hessler. Igz was opposed to me staying in both bands.

It was tearing me apart. I loved my family back home, my brothers of metal in Jessikill. I also loved my new brothers in Hessler. It ate me up inside. Months had gone by and in February of 2014 [on February 13, 2014], Jessikill played as direct support to Dio Disciples. That show was a great success. Jyro Alejo had been present at the show and saw Jessikill for the first time that night. A week later, I went to see the heavy metal legendary band Metal Church. Coincidentally, Jyro shared the bill with his band at the time with Metal Church. That night, Jyro approached me at the bar. For both of us, it was love at first sight, words, and touch. He had mentioned how impressed he was with my voice the week prior at Dio Disciples. I had felt a little star struck, because Jyro is an incredibly prestigious guitar shredder and overall musician. Not to mention he’s gorgeous! The following day, Jyro messaged me on the social media network Facebook. We hit it off right away and a week later, we went on our first date.

Long story short, we fell for each other and started playing music together. Soon the time had come to rejoin with Hessler in Chicago. Still enjoying being in the band Hessler, I was forced to make a decision. Jyro had offered to play lead guitar in Jessikill. Fortunately, the slot had been open for him. I felt true passion playing and writing music together with Jyro and not to mention my brothers in Jessikill awaited me. My decision had been made. It was hard for me. I still miss the guys in Hessler. I wish all of my brothers could’ve met and united for some good times.”

Congratulations to the newlyweds — Jessikill and Jyro Alejo!