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December 22, 2004

Eclectic DVD and Jef Films are pleased to announce the home viewing release of Monster Dog for US distribution on DVD. Monster Dog (1984), directed by Clyde Anderson, stars ALICE COOPER as Vince Roberts – known to the world as “Vince Raven,” the rock icon. He’s returning to his family home after years on the road becoming famous because he can’t seem to get a music video made that he likes. Taking matters into his own hands, he decides to film at his mansion.

Vince assembles a video crew for the shoot, but he hasn’t been back to the mansion in 20 years and has no idea what to expect. When he returns, he learns that “Old Joss” the caretaker is missing and a pack of wild dogs are on the loose. Soon after, a bloody man appears to warn the crew of the real supernatural danger at hand…

“This 80 minute movie is a vital part of any ALICE COOPER fan’s collection… we get to watch him running around, blowing people away with a shotgun. How often do you get to see that?”

The film also contains two exclusive songs from ALICE COOPER as well as an incredibly intriguing score by Grupo Dichotomy.

Courtesy of SMN News