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December 22, 2004

HELLBOX is a new biography about a truly talented man who was broken by Gene Simmons of KISS long ago. Fans and non-fans alike who would otherwise not know the most recognized band affiliated with heterosexuality was in fact the brainchild of a gay man, will be inspired by this book. Sean’s story is being compared to A BEAUTIFUL MIND meets FOREST GUMP, with a little bit of MIDNIGHT COWBOY in between. The book was originally the idea for a film, and now with the release of the book, interest is again strong for the film version. KISS fans are swimming in the controversy, and everyone is fascinated by this iconic producer/songwriter who helped build KISS into something from nothing in the 1970’s. For the first time, Sean Delaney outs himself and his famous music industry partner, and of course, the beginnings of the legendary band KISS. This is the story they don’t want you to know.

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YK Productions and Xlibris want you to know about the latest controversial new book “HELLBOX.” It’s a shocker! Sean Delaney was essentially the 5th original member of KISS!

XLIBRIS releases screenwriter, author, and Sean Delaney’s biographer, Bryan J. Kinnaird’s controversial new book “HELLBOX”, the biography of alleged co-founder and creator of theatrical KISS! A must read for KISS fans and biographical connisseurs everywhere. This book is already on the fast track to becoming a film, and it will change previous views of what happened behind the scenes of KISS. Sean Delaney was a champion for gay people and the irony is how the most widely held heterosexual band in the world managed to keep the truth silent until now. It’s the single most anticipated book about the band, and its been talked about on the convention circuit for years.

Features cover art by acclaimed artist Roy Young…

The Man Music History Has Forgotten: “New Book: A Riveting Biography of KISS’s Theatrical Creator”

(January, 2005) – In 1966, a young hippie named Sean Delaney arrived in New York City and checked into the YMCA with two dollars in his pocket. Years later, he became one of the top ten record producers in the music industry, and was in part responsible for signing a little-known band to their first six-month contract. The band was KISS, and the rest became history that had forgotten his presence until the day he died. In the highly anticipated new book, HELLBOX, author Bryan J. Kinnaird chronicles Sean Delaney’s journey, a pilgrimage that epitomized a radical lifestyle, and spanned over a broad spectrum of events leading to the creation of KISS.

The book reveals previously untold tales from behind the mystical veil that shrouds KISS, painting a fascinating portrait that depicts their formation while it follows the life of Sean Delaney, the self-proclaimed creator of theatrical KISS, and one of the most enigmatic and forgotten legendary songwriters and record producers in the music industry. HELLBOX hints at a formidable tale of betrayal and gives unique insight into a secret alliance-and quite possibly a conspiracy-that corrupted the partnership of the people who originally guided KISS to superstardom. It dares to defy myths that have been passed off as popularized truths in the history of the legendary band.

HELLBOX, a riveting account of tragedy and deception, proposes a theory that conspiracy may have rocked the business that became the most lucrative rock-and-roll dynasty in music history. Littered with intimate trysts from his openly homosexual lifestyle and destructive relationships, Sean’s story mends damaging and apocryphal truths that he claimed had been published over the years. It finally gives a collection of facts that have never been accounted for, and rewrites an erased volume of missing history, which was the void that sent Sean to his self-imposed exile from the music industry for more than fifteen years.

About the Author: Bryan J. Kinnaird is an award-winning screenwriter, author, and creator of the popular sci-fi graphic novel series THE VILLIKON CHRONICLES. He has also written and produced several documentary films including Behind the Scenes of Destructive Metal and Comic Book Mayhem.

HELLBOX – By Bryan Kinnaird

Trade Paperback; 118 pages; Also available, Special Edition Hardback