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December 23, 2004

LOS ANGELES – Motley Crue’s “Red, White & Crue Tour 2005 … Better Live Than Dead,” the world tour, begins February 14th and is turning out to be one of the hottest tickets around. The frenzy around this new tour is turning out to be a phenomenon with initial 25 dates selling quickly and fans petitioning to have Motley Crue perform live in their city.

The desire of the fans to see the original Crue back together was the reason the band reunited. Now that it’s happened, fans are continuing to show their support by campaigning through the internet and radio to “Bring The Crue” to their city. Ryan Patrick, Program Director of KAZR-LAZER 103.3, in Des Moines said, “The people have spoken…you can tell by the phones and by the petition. Motley Crue truly are men among the boys. They’ve done it once, now they are back to show everyone how to do it again.” The petitions he’s referring to are popping up all over the internet while being fueled by local radio stations in towns from Spokane, Washington to Jacksonville, Florida (currently there are “Bring The Crue” campaigns in scores of cities) with thousands of signatures from fans begging Motley to bring the show to them.

Letters such as the one below from a “Motley Crue Fan” can be found on the websites. “I am writing this letter on behalf of many thousands of your fans. We are pleased to hear the official announcement that Motley Crue will be touring America and Canada again. However, it is to our deepest disappointment that there are no shows in our immediate area. It is our belief that if this will be the final tour all the original members do, then we feel Motley Crue should not be skipping over our town, for there are thousands of Motley Crue fans here that have been patiently waiting for this tour for years. My town is a great town full of tons of metal and specifically Motley fans. We would love for Motley Crue to come and play for us. Please think of the fans, we are certain that it would definitely sell out. Thank you for your time.”

According to “Billboard Magazine”, this is the touring industries worst year in history. Despite that, Motley is seeing great success. Allen Kovac, CEO of 10th Street Entertainment, Motley Crue’s management company, said, “As soon as the initial tickets went on sale for the tour, we got offers for 70 more cities … but we can only schedule 25 shows because of our European schedule so Motley Crue will let the fans decide where they are going.” On New Year’s Eve, Motley Crue will be performing live and making a special announcement on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.

The Motley Crue Reunion was initially fueled by the diligent efforts of Mags Revell, a UK promoter with Metropolis Music Group, who launched his own grass-roots campaign in the UK designed to get the band to reunite. Taking the unprecedented steps of placing advertising in UK media and putting a hold on concert venues in the UK for June, 2005, Revell’s efforts quickly gained traction with fans all across the world who added fuel to the fire by taking to the internet and spreading the word.

The heat quickly spread to Canada when, following the announcement of dates in Toronto and Ottowa, fans from Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, London & Montreal, with the on-air support from local radio stations, began their own “Bring The Crue” petitions. Krista Blahut, the originator of the “Bring The Crue” campaign in Winnipeg said, “We feel that Motley Crue should not be skipping over almost all of Canada, for there are thousands of fans here that have been patiently waiting for this tour for years.” Lochilin Cross, Program Director added, “We refuse to let this band skip our city. A band like Motley Crue is going to make an emotional connection for a lot of people.” The campaign took on so much fervor that Canadian broadcaster CBC ran a story about it on its news show over the past weekend. According to a representative from the band’s management company, the band will be making an announcement on additional Canadian dates next week.

This all began on the evening of December 6th, when all four original members Motley Crue announced to the world that they were reuniting for the first time in over six years to embark on a world tour, “Red, White & Crue Tour 2005 … Better Live Than Dead” and releasing an Anthology album “Red, White & Crue.” The event took place at the Hollywood Palladium where over a thousand people showed up to see Motley Crue together again. Although it was a “secret” concert, fans and media packed the Palladium to capacity and hundreds were left outside in the parking lot and street trying to catch a glimpse of Motley Crue. This event was not an easy task to pull off. The announcement was planned to take place in the City of West Hollywood at the Whiskey A Go-Go but just several days before the event, the city decided they would not allow Motley Crue to hold a press conference there. The problems didn’t end with that. The L.A. Fire Marshall prohibited the band from landing their “Red, White & Crue” helicopter, which was already approved by the FAA, at the Palladium and then again for the band’s appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Despite all this, the bad boys of rock are still coming to pollute a city near you.

Motley Crue’s new single, “If I Die Tomorrow,” is already a success. It was the No 1 most added song on radio in its first week, with over 2/3rd’s of the country’s rock and active rock stations already playing the record, leading to a top 20 debut on Billboard’s Rock Chart. Jim Richards, Vice President of Programming for Clear Channel Radio stated, “‘If I Die Tomorrow’ is a contemporary song that fits in perfectly with our current playlists. The radio stations are getting a big response from fans because they know they are part of something special.”

Below is a list of North American cities so far that have initiated “Bring The Crue” campaigns:
– Winnipeg, MB
– Calgary
– Vancouver, BC
– Edmonton
– The Bear 100.3
– London, ON
– CFPL (FM 96)
– Las Vegas
– KOMP (, KMXB (, KKLZ (, KXPT (
– Spokane
– KZBD (, KXLY (, KHTQ (, KEZE (, KCDA (
– Bismarck
– Grand Forks
– KJKJ (, KKXL (
– Peoria
– WIXO (, WWCT (, WGLO (
– Green Bay
– Madison
– WJJO (, WIBA (, WBZU (
– Des Moines
– Omaha
– KEZO (, KKCD (, KZFX (, KQKQ (
– Oklahoma City
– San Antonio
– KSRX (, KISS (, KZEP (
– New Orleans
– WRNO (, WKZN (
– Jacksonville
– Greensboro
– WKRR (, WOZN (, WKZL (
– Portland
– WBLM (, WJBQ (, WCYY (
– Grand Rapids
– Ft. Wayne
– Wichita
– Fort Collins

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