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December 27, 2004

Compilation of Biggest Hard Rock Ballads of All Time Includes Acoustic Versions of Hits from Poison, Night Ranger, Scorpions, Cinderella, Queensryche, Tesla, Winger and More

LOS ANGELES – VH1 Classic Metal Mania: STRIPPED, an acoustic compilation of the biggest hard rock ballad hits of all time, is set for release February 8, 2005 on Sidewinder Music. Gathered from imports, live recordings, rare performances, hard-to-find albums, and six NEW recordings, STRIPPED is an extensive collection of acoustic tracks from hard rock’s multi-platinum metal gods.

While Heavy Metal artists were known for their hard-rocking ways and arena rock anthems, it was often their ballads that crossed over and gave them more popularity and exposure, as well as their highest chart positions and mainstream recognition.

STRIPPED offers fans intimate, one-of-a-kind versions of such classic cuts as Poison’s “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” and Queensryche’s “Silent Lucidity”(from MTV Unplugged); Scorpions’ “Wind Of Change” (from Acoustica Live), Firehouse’s “When I Look Into Your Eyes” (from Good Acoustics), Warrant’s “I Saw Red;” Slaughter’s “Fly to The Angels” (from Stick It To Ya) and a solo performance by Kip Winger of Winger’s “Miles Away.” This rare power ballad compilation also features a live acoustic version of Tesla’s “The Way It Is,” and an a capella track of “More Than Words” from Extreme.

STRIPPED also features six new acoustic recordings including versions of Night Ranger’s “Sister Christian”; Cinderella’s “Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)”; L.A. Guns’ “Ballad of Jane”; White Lion’s “When The Children Cry”; Alias’s “More Than Words Can Say” and Great White’s “Save Your Love.”

Jamie Talbot, compilation producer, A&R/Immortal Entertainment, comments, “If you look beyond the hairspray and leather pants that many of these metal artists are perhaps best-known for, you find powerful songs that stand the test of time. Many of these hits were written on acoustic guitar or piano and later transformed into more elaborate productions. We believe STRIPPED offers versions of these songs that reveal a warmth and intimacy that allow the melodies and song craft to shine through in a way not widely heard.”

“‘Metal Mania’ is one of the most talked about programs on VH1 Classic,” said Eric Sherman, Senior Vice President/General Manager, VH1 Classic and VH1 Digital Television. “We’re excited that we can extend its tremendous popularity into this collection of acoustic performances that highlight some of the best of the metal genre. ‘VH1 Classic Metal Mania: STRIPPED’ is the first of many VH1 Classic-themed products that will allow us to strengthen our connection with our enthusiastic viewers.”

VH1 Classic will support the release of the STRIPPED CD through extensive on-air promotion including an exclusive performance by Kip Winger of “Miles Away” taped in the VH1 Classic studio. The CD will also benefit from radio promotions and online support, and will also be available for purchase at

VH1 Classic Metal Mania: STRIPPED Full Track Listing:

“Every Rose Has Its Thorn” Poison (4:27)
“Sister Christian” Night Ranger (5:08) (New Recording)
“Wind of Change” Scorpions (5:30)
“Don’t Know What You Got (Till It’s Gone)” Cinderella (5:09) (New Recording)
“Silent Lucidity” Queensryche (5:29)
“More Than Words” Extreme (4:09)
“I Saw Red” Warrant (3:44)
“The Way It Is” Tesla (6:03)
“Miles Away” Winger (3:58)
“Ballad of Jane” L.A. Guns (4:56) (New Recording)
“When The Children Cry” White Lion (4:30) (New Recording)
“When I Look Into Your Eyes” Firehouse (4:04)
“Fly To The Angels” Slaughter (3:22)
“More Than Words Can Say” Alias (3:51) (New Recording)
“Save Your Love” Great White (5:25) (New Recording)

Courtesy of VH1