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January 17, 2005

LOUD ‘n’ NASTY the Swedish Glam Sleaze Kings are back!!! Release date Jan. 31st Any Motley Crue & Wasp fan will not be disappointed with their second release on Perris. “Too much Ain’t Enough” was originally released in 2002 on Hellbound Recordings as a 12″ Vinyl. Bonus Tracks recorded back in 1999 never released before on CD

1.. Too much ain’t enough
2.. Me and the boys
3.. You better run
4.. Little miss pretty
5.. Clown of the town
6.. Leave me alone
Bonus tracks
7.. Sweet sixteen
8.. Hellbound

Producer Bryan Scott of New World Recording and vocalist of Union Underground has just finished recording Austin based band Spinning Chain. Spinning Chain features former Presence & Union Underground vocalist Jimi Scott and Cherry St. guitarist Taz. Spinning Chain has been accepted into the 2005 SXSW and will be represented by Lone Wolf Management (ZZ TOP). For more details go to

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