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January 18, 2005

May 2005

21st Rock City, Nottingham
22nd Rios, Bradford
24th JB’s, Dudley
25th TBC
27th Meanfiddler, London

San Francisco, CA – Davy and the Band are putting the finishing touches on their new CD to follow up their 2000 release, In From Out of Nowhere. Davy reports that the new CD will feature at least ten new songs that are being produced and recorded by Davy and the Band. “This new CD will encompass all of the elements that fans have grown to expect from Davy’s music: Pure, raw energy, emotion and attitude,” says Jamie Scott, who will be joining Davy, Ashley and Louie by appearing on this CD in its’ entirety this time around. “‘With In From Out of Nowhere’, I showed up toward the end of the recording cycle. Now, I’m really looking forward to contributing my guitar style to this new collection of classic Davy Vain songs.”

Also of note: The new CD will be produced entirely in Davy’s recording studio, The Groove Room. The Groove Room features one of the most highly desired vintage microphone, compressor and outboard gear collections around. As Davy puts it, “I’ve always had a thing for the vibe and sound of classic recordings of the 60’s and 70’s.” Jamie’s take on recording at The Groove Room, “I think it’s just been a natural progression of Davy’s to aquire the vintage equipment that has produced some of the best sounding recordings of all time and at the same time create an environment that allows him capture his music on his terms. The Groove Room is an extension of that.”

Expect to see the release of the new CD this Spring 2005. A teaser track will be released here at DAVYVAIN.COM in February 2005! Davy and the band would like to thank their fans for all their support! “Thanks for all the mail/email and pictures, keep ’em comin’!”

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