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February 5, 2005

There seems to be a lot of Tigertailz fans who are confused over the Tigertailz line-up that’s playing the Glam Attack Festival in Italy in March. The band would just like to clarify the situation for Sleaxxroxx readers as follows:

Tigertailz, featuring original members Kim Hooker, Jay Pepper & Pepsi Tate, would like to inform their fans that they will not be playing the Glam Attack Festival in Italy this coming March as has been advertised by certain Web Sites.

The band are currently in the studio finishing their new album (Bezerk 2.0) which will be released later this year. Also, Tigertailz have just signed a deal with Sanctuary Records to reissue the original Bezerk & Banzai albums which will be released in May/June. The band intend to do a small amount of exclusive shows in the UK, Europe and possibly the US later this year.

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