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February 14, 2005

Former LONDON and ULTRA POP bandmembers and founding SPIDERS & SNAKESbandmembers Lizzie Grey and Timothy Jay are continuing SPIDERS & SNAKES asan acoustic two-piece acoustic duo highlighting onlyvocals/guitar/percussion (like the original T Rex band with Marc Bolan andMickey Finn). The exciting electric release in February 2005 of thelong-overdue album from these Hollywood veterans may prove to be thebiggest and best in SPIDERS & SNAKES notorious history as cult faves ofthe Hollywood, California underground.

Entitled Hollywood Ghosts, the album features 12 BRAND NEW STUDIO TRACKSwith guest appearances from Angelo Moore from FISHBONE on saxophone,Stephen Ellis from SURVIVOR on harmonica and Matt Cross from N.Y.C. onbass. Recorded over a two year period, the album is the band’s 7th releaseoverall and their first studio album since 2000’s London Daze. Thebonus DVD disc is a veritable 15-year documentary of the band in the formof 15 music videos, live concert footage, backstage and on-air interviewsand a color slide show of rare and never-before-seen photos presented overa soundtrack of the band’s illustrious past. Produced by Gavin Ross(TRACII GUNS, BLOOD JUNKIES et al) and mastered by Robert Hadley (RAYCHARLES), Hollywood Ghosts explores various songwriting styles and musicalgenres, including the lead vocal debut of drummer/keyboardist/co-founderTimothy Jay on four songs, who wrote and/or co-wrote over half of theoriginal material on this album with partner Lizzie Grey. The mixture ofthe duo’s vocal and writing styles lends and extraordinary touch and depthto the material, which makes Hollywood Ghosts unlike previous releases inSPIDERS & SNAKES fifteen-year career.

SPIDERS & SNAKES are currently booking acoustic shows in the Hollywoodarea and have been appearing on a consistent basis at the 14 Below,Universal Bar & Grill, the Cat Club, The Joint and Paladinos.

Is this the year of the Spider? Is it the year of the Snake? Lizzie Greyand long-time musical partner Timothy Jay are again gambling on both! Formore information, go to for news updates!

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