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February 15, 2005

We have enthusiastically started recording the new Funny Money CD! We’ve got about 16 songs slated for recording and we are shooting for a 12 song release in the summer. There is a good possibility that this new release will NOT be on our own label this time! What does that mean? We have no idea, it’s just a little hype! . . . and now for something completely different.

We’ve got a couple of new interviews to share with you. This interview came out before Christmas this year and features Dean and Rob. Check out a very new interview with Mark breaking the news about the new CD from a brand new music web site called Check back there often, it looks like it’s going to be a major music news portal.

The Photo Gallery on our web site continues to be the most popular section. We’ve updated it quite a bit and there are two more groups of photos waiting to be posted so please check it often for some great new shots by the talented photographer Kosta Tzamalis.

Thanks to all of you who voted for us in the 2004 Maryland Music Monthly Readers Poll! Shown below are the categories and what number Funny Money placed in them – we WON the Hard Rock category!

Hard Rock – #1 Baby! First Freakin’ place in this category! Yessss!
Metal – Honorable Mention
Rock – 3rd Place
Male Vocals – Steve Whiteman, Honorable Mention
Male Front – Steve Whiteman, Honorable Mention
Harmonica – Steve Whiteman #2
Lighting Company – Funny Money Illuminator Frank Royce, Honorable Mention
Rhythm Section – Jimmy Chalfant and Mark Schenker, Honorable Mention

Along with the recording of the new CD, Mark will be keeping you informed as he did during the making of “Skin to Skin” with a new section of our web site called The No Fin Zone. Why the new title and not “The Producer’s Chair” from the last time? Read the interview with Mark we mentioned earlier and you’ll find out the details!

Jimmy recently received an Evans Drum Head endorsement. Read all about it here. We’ve been recording with these new heads on Jimmy’s new Maryland Drums kit and the heads really sound fantastic. Thanks to Steve Lobmeier of the D’Addario/Evans Company for his time! The folks at Dean Markley and DR Strings have been keeping us stocked with guitar and bass strings and we thank them for that! We recently got some new gear via our Tech 21 endorsement and if you are a player, check out their line of amp sim pedals and rack mount equipment, Line6 had bette r watch out! These things sound so real that all others pale by comparison!

There are a lot of new venues opening in our area and we are excited to be asked to play all these new places. You may have heard that the Thunderdome in Baltimore MD is no more. This is unfortunately very true. Fear not! All the national shows that were normally at Thunderdome are moving a stones throw away (to a better neighborhood with more parking) at the House of Rock in White Marsh, MD. We just did a fabulous show there this past weekend and played two new songs from the upcoming album, “Slow to Blow” and “Crush” – both very well received according to our wonderful fans who participate regularly in our message board. What message board you say? This one! We invite you to join and participate in our highly entertaining and active community.

We received a bunch of emails from people about our gig at another new venue called the Funkbox in Baltimore MD which was cancelled this past week. The Funkbox has a policy that acts who perform there cannot play Baltimore three weeks before or after a booking at the Funkbox. We unfortunately were booked in the area on both sides of that show. Maybe next time. Call them or email them and tell them you want us there no matter what!

New merchandise is on the way to start off the new year. New t-shirts are on order, new stickers and yes even the long awaited Funny Money tattoos! In fact, we even have a small batch of KIX shirts leftover from the December KIX shows that are available, they’ll be gone soon so get them while you can! See Marcy or Frank at any of our shows.

So you say you got an Apple iPod for Christmas and need some Funny Money tunes to load the thing up with? Right! Through our relationship with, you can download our songs from iTunes! Or even better, do you think $0.99 is way too much for a song? Check out Funny Money on where songs are only $0.88 each! Both “Skin to Skin” and “Back Again Re-Issue” are available there.

From our scumbag club owner department, the past few weeks we had heard that a club we were booked at on February 5th called Champs in Martinsburg, WVA was having some difficulties. The short story is we contacted them several times in the two weeks leading up to the show and they assured us all was good for our show. The night of the 4th, they called the production company to cancel the show. They could not even be bothered to call US! We even had a signed contract from them! Then on the night of our now cancelled show, the management there had the nerve to tell people calling there and showing up for the gig that WE cancelled! What a bunch of dishonest pieces of garbage running that place. Stay away from there! If you are a local band in the area, go play Stinger’s a new club in Boonsboro not far from Martinsburg and if you are a clubber, find another club to take in live music and beer nearby.

That being said, with all the changes in our schedule coming and going so fast the last few weeks, we decided to include our up to the minute schedule in this mailing which we normally do not do, so please check the schedule page on our web site for updates, directions and links to all these venues. See you soon!

February18 Fish Head Cantina – Arbutus, MD
26 Genova’s – Hampstead, MD

4 The Zu – Dundalk, MD
12 Roadhouse – Ft. Ashby, WVA
19 Dick’s Halfway Inn – Baltimore, MD
25 JAXX – Springfield, VA

2 House of Rock – White Marsh, MD
9 Memories – Waldorf, MD
16 The Venice Inn – Hagerstown, MD
23 Lightnin’ Jacks – Pasadena, MD
29 Fish Head Cantina – Arbutus, MD
30 Olde Towne Firehouse Cue – Gaithersburg, MD

7 Fat Daddy’s – York, PA
14 Stinger’s – Boonsboro, MD

Tony Almaeda RAWKS!

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